Former striker Fernando Torres, after retiring in 2019, continuously practiced boxing with Sergio Martínez, a former martial artist who used to hold the WBC super-medium belt.

According to the AS, Torres did boxing under the guidance of Martinez at “9 fitness” – the gym opened by the former Spanish striker in the capital Madrid.

After that, Torres had a training session with Omar Montes, a 32-year-old Spanish male singer. Montes played more than 100 games and became the Spanish boxing champion in the Semi-Midweight weight category, before entering the music scene in 2015.

Torres in a training battle against Omar Montes.

Torres in a training battle against Omar Montes.

After retiring from the field in the colors of the Sagan Tosu Japanese club in 2019, Torres spent a lot of time in the gym and boxing to change his appearance with giant muscles. The 37-year-old former striker now has a fragile body, which is different from his thin appearance when playing top football.

According to the Sportbible, Torres could be the next name to encroach on boxing after retiring. He can even be as attention-grabbing as Jake Paul – YouTuber USA has had three full wins since the start of his boxing career in 2019.

Having joined Atletico Madrid’s youth academy at the age of 11, Torres joined the team at the age of 17. Two years later, he was wearing a captain’s armband. After that, the striker was born in 1984 playing in Liverpool, Chelsea, Milan and then back to Atletico. He came to Japan to wear Sagan Tosu in 2018, when he was on the other side of his career slope, and then retired in the summer of 2019.

Torres won the 2017-2018 Europa League with Atletico, and won the 2011-2012 Champions League with Chelsea. In the Spanish shirt, Torres won three major titles including a World Cup and two Euro titles. In 2008, the striker nicknamed “El Nino” won the Bronze Ball.

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