Currently, football betting is the most popular form of online betting that attracts a large number of players. Therefore, besides real football tournaments and matches, bookies also organize all kinds of games virtual soccer. This makes betting more frequent and faster. So what exactly is virtual football betting, how to play and how to play this game. And 12bet Find out more in the article below.

What is virtual football?

Virtual football aka virtual football betting. This is an online betting game that uses virtual sports technology (Virtual Sports) like horse racing to eat coins or virtual dog racing. Specifically, instead of real matches held with actual players, these are football matches programmed by Virtual Sports publishers.

What is virtual football?

Virtual football is a form of betting based on programmed virtual matches.

Matches with the participation of two teams are like when you watch live football. However, if football is in real life, matches usually last for 90 minutes of official play. The time of a virtual football match was shortened to only 90 seconds with 4 scoring situations for both teams.

This game allows players to comfortably bet anytime, anywhere. Especially, you don’t have to wait until weekends or days with football matches to be able to bet. The player’s task when virtual football betting That is to judge and bet on the teams before the matches.

Like betting on real football matches, the bookie offers a variety of different bets for you to participate in. This includes European markets, Handicap, Big Under or score bets. Along with the bets are different odds offered by the bookie depending on the strength of the teams.

How to play virtual football betting at 12bet

There are many online bookmakers today that offer different types of betting virtual soccer. However, the 12bet house is the choice of many players. Not only is the leading bookmaker in Asia, 12bet also ensures transparency, does not cheat or interfere in virtual sports matches. Along with that is a convenient game interface that is easy to use. Here are the details of how to play with this new betting game at 12bet.

Step 1: Log in to 12bet

To participate in betting on 12bet, which includes sports betting games such as virtual football (Virtual Soccer). You absolutely must have a betting account. If you do not have an account, you can quickly register at some reputable links to access 12bet below. Join now to receive a bonus of up to 577 KS when registering.

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Once the registration is complete, the way to log in to 12bet is extremely simple. You just need to enter your account name, password and then press the Sign in button. Now is the time to play any sports betting, virtual sports or online casino on 12bet after depositing money into your account.

how to play virtual football at 12bet

Log in to play quickly on the home page of 12bet.

Step 2: Choose a virtual football game

On the website of the 12bet house, you choose the item SPORT, then select VIRTUAL SPORTS to participate in virtual sports betting. At this point, a list of virtual sports for betting appears. You choose item Virtual football to participate.

how to play virtual football betting at 12bet

Select Sports on the Menu bar and then click on Virtual Sports.

how to play virtual football betting at 12bet

Select Fantasy Football in the Fantasy Sports Menu to start betting on 12bet.

The house 12bet is offering a variety of tournaments using virtualization technology for you to choose from.

  • Virtual Euro Football Cup
  • Virtual Football Cup
  • Virtual Football Asia Cup
  • Virtual soccer tournament
  • Virtual World Soccer Championship
  • Virtual soccer country

You can choose one of those tournaments to play in. Or simply click on Virtual Football to display all matches.

Step 3: Place a bet

When participating in this betting game, there is a screen showing the live match of two virtual teams playing. You can watch the match like in real football with two teams playing and scoring situations. However, the time of a match is only within 90 seconds with 4 scoring situations divided between 2 teams. At the same time, 12bet’s betting page also displays a list of upcoming matches on the side.

how to play virtual football at 12bet

Live match screen and list of upcoming matches.

Below is the table of odds from the house 12bet. You can comfortably bet on virtual football matches with a variety of different bets. Which includes some specific types of bets below.

  • Full Time Handicap (Handicap)
  • Full Time Over/Under (Over/Under bets)
  • Full Game 1X2 Bet (European bets)
  • Total Goals bets (0 goals, 1 goal, 2 goals, 3 goals, 4 goals)
  • Exact Score (Score 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 2-2)
How to bet on virtual football at 12bet

Betting table and match odds. To place a bet you just need to click on the odds.

Each type of bet has its own odds The difference is given by the 12bet football bookmaker for each match. To place a bet, you just need to click on the odds. Then enter the bet amount in the bet slip and then press the Bet button to confirm the bet is complete.

At this point, you just need to wait for the match to end for a few minutes to know the result. If you win, the bet is added to your account immediately, if you lose, you lose your bet.

Tips, experience playing virtual football easy to win at 12bet 12

To play bets virtual soccer To be successful, you must master the football betting experience. Because this game has a simple way to play, but the possibility of losing bets is quite high if you do not know the tips to play virtual football. Join 12bet to discover the pocket experiences that give you a high chance of winning when participating in betting.

1/ The most important is capital and how to play betting

To participate in betting with virtual sports games you need to have strong capital. Because the matches are played in a very short time. Along with that is a huge number of matches performed daily. This is an advantage of Virtual Soccer games compared to real life football.

virtual soccer experience

Don’t bet all your hands on a virtual match.

You can bet all day, receive bonuses in a few minutes like when playing Bau Cua Shrimp Fish or online card games. However, you must have capital to maintain betting. Along with that is a reasonable betting strategy. Never bet all hands or bet 1/2 or 2/3 of your capital on a match if you don’t want to be empty-handed.

2/ Don’t try to find a specific rule

One important thing you need to know when football betting That is the result of the match with no specific rules at all. It depends a lot on the element of chance with the rate of 50 – 50. There is no fixed rule that changes over time.

virtual soccer tips

Viewing team stats does not affect your chances of winning another match.

The famous team can lose to the crap team at any time. For example, China can completely beat Germany or Brazil in a specific match. So it is not necessary to record statistics or view the confrontation history of the two teams as when betting on football.

3/ Do not bet continuously when playing betting

The next virtual football experience that you need to keep in mind is that you should not bet continuously for matches. This is the advice of longtime gamblers. You should only bet less than 5 games at a time. Then rest, soberly judge and bet on matches from the house.

Don’t be too greedy and bet continuously without stopping. Because the blood loss is too high, it can cause you to lose when you are not awake. If you are winning, you can continue playing. If you are losing a lot, you should stop to play another time. Absolutely not because you want to get your money back but make yourself lose more heavily.

4/ Choose a reasonable strategy to play virtual football

Two virtual football betting strategies that are suggested by many betting experts are to play Big Sic and play carpet according to the odds. If you play quickly, today you bet a moderate amount and bet quickly in the following days. When you win, you will return to your original bet. This is a virtual soccer tip suitable for newbies.

In addition, you can play carpet spreading according to the ratio of eating. Specifically, you should choose the bets with the best odds. Especially note that the odds offered by the house have a stake greater than double the original bet. The odds in virtual sports games such as football are quite similar to real football betting even though a match is only within a few minutes. Therefore, choosing the right betting strategy is the deciding factor to win for you.

5/ Should limit the bet limit for the day

When betting on virtual football, you can comfortably participate in betting on many matches of the day. Because only 3 minutes away, there is a new match. So the initial capital can go away faster than real football bets if you are having bad luck. Therefore, a virtual football experience is to set yourself a certain limit to play.

virtual football betting tips cược

It is recommended to limit the maximum bet daily to have a chance to win the next day.

If you play all your capital today, you will continue to play tomorrow. Because winning or losing is difficult to predict. You may lose today, but tomorrow you can win big. But remember that capital is everything. Therefore, you must develop a specific play plan with a maximum bet limit for a day.

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It can be seen that virtual soccer This is one of the newer forms of betting today. It helps bettors and football fans to be comfortable with their betting passion. No need to wait for matches to be held. Especially in the current pandemic situation. At the same time, this is a form of football betting that allows players to make money extremely quickly in just a few minutes.

Hopefully, the above virtual football tips of 12bet can help you better understand this game. At the same time, be more confident when participating in football betting or virtual sports at the reputable 12bet house. Wish you win a lot of money with effective betting tips.

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