The Topgolf branch in San Antonio, Texas recently recorded a lightning strike hitting a ball flying at over 140 km/h from a strike by 18-year-old Tomas Enrique Gomez.

Gomez and her two children and three friends went to Topgolf to relax on the day of the storm Elsa raging. And after a drive of Gomez on the training mat, the ball entered the misty rain at a speed of 142 km / h. In an instant, it became the target of the “god of thunder”, along with the loud bangs and screams of a group of teenagers in Topgolf.

“I ran instinctively when I saw the lightning. While escaping, I slipped due to the wet ground but was unharmed. It’s nice that lightning chose the ball instead of me,” Gomez said. Sports Mail.

Lightning strikes a golf ball flying at 142 km/h

15-year-old Arlette Ibarra – accompanied by Gomez – accidentally filmed the “ace” from nature. The video was posted on Topgolf’s own Instagram page on July 8.

“Shortly after the lightning strike, we implemented safety measures and asked people to go deep inside the property. Normally, we do not evacuate, but ask guests to stay indoors to wait for the storm,” the representative said. Topgolf interface explains the principle of handling the situation.

Despite a panic, Gomez still reunited with Topgolf. “I’ll definitely be back as soon as I can,” Gomez insisted.

Topgolf is a chain of golf centers integrated with food and entertainment, established in 2000 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This business model is thriving in the US. In March 2021, golf equipment manufacturer Callaway completed the purchase of Topgolf for $2 billion.

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