Times Runners, Hai Phong Runners, Peaceful Runners all aim to be in the top 5 Teams at VM Hanoi Midnight Marathon 2021, held on the night of November 20.

The representative of Hai Phong Runners said that the group has made a list of 30 running legs with the best performance to participate in specific exercises, the list will be reduced to 20 in the near future.

The members of Hai Phong Runners in Sunday morning practice.

The members of Hai Phong Runners in Sunday morning practice.

With more than 5 years of operation, from a few members running together for fun, Hai Phong Runners has become a large club with more than 1,300 registered members. Every week, the fixed training schedule is at 6 p.m. Tuesday and Friday. The members exercise according to their ability and intensity, especially Sunday for long runs.

Since registering for the team competition at VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight, the team members have increased the volume of training. Also at the Hanoi night run last November, many members of the group achieved PR (personal record). Mr. Nam Tran, one of the founding members, said that the weather in early November was cold, plus the professional organization has created opportunities for the runner to break through and achieve the best results.

A running session of Hai Phong Runners members.

A running session of Hai Phong Runners members.

This year, to prepare for the tournament, in addition to aiming for the group’s achievements in the Team, many other members of Hai Phong Runners aim to make a mark with impressive Cosplay performances.

“The Team Award is a special feature of VM Hanoi Midnight, giving the runners the opportunity to be honored in an official award category, instead of just recognizing individual achievements. With 5 team awards, similar There will be 100 winners in the movement to receive the award, this is the motivation for them to practice and improve their abilities and actively contribute to the whole team “, Mr. Nam Tran said.

Times Runners is also one of the groups that will compete in the team category of VM Hanoi Midnight this year. Founded in May 2016, initially, the number of members was not much, mainly neighbors meeting themselves for a run, after 5 years, the number of members participating in the Fanpage Times Runners of Times City & Park residents Hill reached more than 500.

Times Runners running team member in uniform yellow shirt.

Times Runners running team member in uniform yellow shirt.

Many members practiced together every day, divided into two groups. The morning group mainly practiced core exercises to support better running. The afternoon group will focus on speed training. In particular, on the last Sunday of each month, Times Runners organizes long running sessions, from 21 km or more.

A core group morning session.

A core group morning session.

Times Runners members especially love running and drawing. The group used to hold many annual competitions, setting the theme for people to participate in drawing pictures on the road. Tien Seven – one of the most important members of the group is someone who regularly receives high prizes.

Members of Times Runner have conquered many running challenges, from trail running, road running to Triathlon. For each tournament, the group sets different goals such as trying to get the most members to reach the 42km, or with the upcoming VM Hanoi Midnight being one of the five teams that have won the team award.

Group members draw a picture of a buffalo on the run to celebrate the New Year of the Ox.

Group members draw a picture of a buffalo on the run to celebrate the New Year of the Ox.

Talking about the practice plan, the group’s representative, Mr. Huy Nguyen said, because of time is still quite a lot, so now, the members mainly aim to maintain and promote their current achievements. However, because the team tournament was limited to only 20 people, so within the group there was a competition between the running legs to “get the chance”.

“Team category is very rare at marathons, so VM Hanoi Midnight’s team-mate tournament not only encourages runners to practice for their best performance but also works hard for the team,” said Huy. Nguyen is strong.

Besides running groups that have been active for a long time, many new clubs established over the past two years are also excited to join. Peaceful Runner is one of them. Born in 2019 with a small group of runners around the Linh Dam area, up to now PFR has over 100 members and operates regularly every week.

The group works both offline and online. Every day, on the general fanpage, there will be separate exercises for members to refer to and practice on their own. Weekend is a time for long running, a distance of 15-30km. Normally, Sunday sessions will start around 5am in summer or 5:30 in winter, and end training before 8am.

A long running session by Peaceful Runners.

A Peaceful Runners long running session.

Most PFR members are not aiming for high performance, 70% for the purpose of fitness training, stress reduction, or participating in running tournaments in many localities.

After nearly 2 years of operation, up to now, Peaceful Runner has conquered 100km in 10 hours. At VM Hanoi Midnight 2020, one member completed a distance of 42 km in the time of 3h09 minutes, which is also the best achievement so far for the group.

To prepare for the situation, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Binh – a member of the group administrator said that PFR keeps the spirit of running in peace, not putting too much pressure. “It is important to establish a united team, select the best running legs, from which the whole group will have greater motivation”, Mr. Binh emphasized.

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