The program encourages an active lifestyle, regularly exercises, strengthens in the community, especially students aged 6-17, through two main activities: Vovinam martial arts co-performance and jogging.

First Vovinam martial music performance

1,200 students dressed in blue for the first time show each of the typical flexible but powerful moves of the traditional Vovinam martial art on Le Duan street (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).

The students gathered early to prepare for the martial music co-performance.

The students gathered early to prepare for the martial arts co-performance.

Not only students, parents, teachers, people share the same feelings of happiness and excitement. In the context of all activities stalled because of translation over the past time, the program also has the meaning of “reactivating” the spirit of sports in the community.

Mr. Xuan Truong (working at an airline ticket agent) and his wife – Ms. Nha Tran (a bank employee) – said: “I appreciate the resonance of all objects and classes. We hope her understand This exercise attracted many people, showing that exercise is very important in life “.

Jogging increases endurance

Joining the runway for elementary school students, Tram Anh, (Doan Thi Diem school) constantly shared joy when finishing the finish line. She is excited when she is both exercising and having fun with her friends.

Sharing the same joy, Gia Han (Binh Trung Dong School) said: “Through Olympic Day, I realize that I need to persevere and exercise hard to accomplish my weight goal”.

Following the performance is the moment of running.

Following the performance is the moment of running.

Ms. Dao Thi Hoang Oanh – fitness teacher of Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics – said she was more excited and loved life when enjoying every moment of conquering the long haul. “The program is very meaningful, improving the health of the people, connecting the units. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in similar activities,” she said.

Earlier on the morning of March 21, the program was held in Quang Nam on the 550th anniversary of Quang Nam and 46 years of the Provincial Liberation Day.. The program was directed by the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism presided over and coordinated with other departments, sectors, and unions … and for the first time with the companionship of Nestlé Milo . In it, the gymnastics performance on the music background Dynamic Vietnam of more than 2,000 students from 11 primary schools in the province is the highlight.

The show in Quang Nam brought together a large number of students.

The show in Quang Nam brought together a large number of students.

Mr. Tao Viet Hai – Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Nam Province – highly appreciated Nestlé Milo’s companionship in the event and his efforts to organize useful sports activities for children, plus copper in the province, towards the common goal of building a dynamic Vietnamese generation.

Representatives of Nestlé Vietnam – Director of Milo and Milk Industry Ali Abbas – said: “We look forward to joining hands to promote sports movement in the community, especially students. We believe if this habit is. Built from a young age, children can maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Sports also transmit many valuable lessons about the spirit of endurance, passion … overcoming all challenges. Sports, everyone is a champion “.

Thi Quan

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