Changes from Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) bring professional golf tournament system VGA Tour with many quality events.

Less than two months after holding the fourth term congress, the Vietnam Golf Association announced the National Professional Golf Tournament (VGA Tour) in 2021. This was also the first activity of the Association in term. New period, with important changes in personnel, which is typically the appearance of golfer Le Hung Nam. After years of being the captain of the Union Cup in the North and General Secretary of the Hanoi Golf Association, the influential golfer in the Vietnamese golf village now serves as VGA’s Vice President and General Secretary.

VGA Tour is expected to host a total of 32 professional tournaments during the period 2021-2024, with the number of tournaments increasing year by year. In 2021, five professional tournaments are spread from May to December, including Vietnam Masters, Vietnam Open, National Championship, Challenge and Tour Championship, with a total prize money of 1-1.5 billion VND each.

A corner of FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links - where the Vietnam Masters 2021 event will take place next May.  Photo: FQGL.

A corner of FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links – where the Vietnam Masters 2021 event takes place in May. Image: FQGL.

The number of major professional tournaments is expected to increase to eight by 2022, nine in 2023 and 10 in 2024. The estimated total socialization budget for the organization in the next four years is 350 billion VND. Vietnam’s exciting golf schedule over the next four years contrasts with the bleak 2020 year, with only four amateur awards in the national system and a professional award from the old VPGA Tour system being held.

The prize value is as big as the tournaments in the Asian Development Tour system, which is VGA’s effort to attract the best players in the country, the region and the continent to compete. Never before has professional golf in Vietnam had a clear schedule, with equal bonuses for major tournaments like 2021.

The imprint in the development of professional golf in Vietnam in recent years, especially the year of expectation in 2021, also comes from former professional golfer Nguyen Thai Duong – Golf specialist of the General Department of Sports and Sports. Retired at the nine career of a golfer, Thai Duong devotes his time and mind to the development of young golf and professional golf in the country. After coming up with the idea and playing the role of organizing major professional tournaments in Vietnam since 2017, the 34-year-old former golfer will roam with the future VGA Tour tournaments as an advisor. After many years of playing in major professional tournaments in the region and the continent, the experience and vision of Thai Duong will help him continue to blow his soul into Vietnamese golf tournaments.

Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong in the ceremony to announce the system VGA Tour 2021. Photo: VGA Tour.

Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong in the ceremony announcing the VGA Tour system 2021. Photo: VGA Tour.

“In order for VGA Tour to be born, the Association and members of the organizers have faced many difficulties, especially financially”, said former Thai Duong golfer – a member of the organizing committee of VGA Tour – shared. “But all have united efforts, overcoming the back to bring positive and fresh signals for not only golfers, but also golf fans in the country. I believe the arrival of VGA Tour will be a historic turning point for the development of golf in Vietnam “.

Besides the purpose of promoting professional golf development for the country’s golf future, the advent of VGA Tour becomes even more important when golf is one of the disciplines of SEA Games 2021 – the tournament takes place at Vietnam. Along with five pro leagues, the VGA Tour 2021 tournament system will feature six amateur tournaments, opening with the Union Cup in March. The amateurs, therefore, will have a specific training plan and have the opportunity to compete, to train their bravery in competition before entering the journey to end the thirst for medals for golf in Vietnam at the SEA Games.

Professional golf tour VGA Tour 2021

10-15 / 5

Vietnam Masters

June 7-12

Vietnam Open

August 9-14

National Championship

September 6-11


December 13-18

Tour Championship

Vy Anh

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