American Express – the PGA Tour event in California over the weekend – recorded Mark Hubbard closing the hole in an unusual position.

On the second round 9 green hole, Hubbard is initially in the traditional standard strike position. Then, he kept his left hand and his right hand circled the handle, toward the tip of the club, hooked his little finger in to get the anchor point about an inch from the green. At this point, the handle of the club was pressed along his right arm and Hubbard locked the hole. He calls it the “Snail” type.

PGA Tour referee Jordan Harris confirms it is a valid putt pose. “Mark’s body is fine, but putting that on the putt is weird,” Harris observes.

Mark Hubbard's unusual trick

“The style and the special timing are the keys to success. Initially, you have to be in a normal position, you have to act focused, assertive. And at the last second, dance shimmy from the hips down,” Hubbard further explained. about special type.

In the US, shimmy is a belly dance.

Hubbard learned the “snail” style from his time in the golf team at the University of San Jose, through teammate Jon Tringale. Jon has brother Cameron Tringale who is a veteran competitor at the PGA Tour. “It’s a product from my school and my team,” says Hubbard.

Hubbard used to close the “Snail” style several times at the PGA Tour and in the Second Division Korn Ferry Tour, but American Express was the first time he was filmed. This time was 1.2 meters away to keep par, but Hubbard skipped. He had to add a single tap to finish his work on the bogey point and then close the 76-stroke round.

“Usually a snail in the 1.5 meter range is sure to come in. I’m a bit disappointed by spoiling this time,” Hubbard said.

With an even par score across 36 holes, a player born in 1989 had to leave the tournament because of the -4 cutout line. Deciding on January 24 with the championship and $ 1,206 million went to Kim Si-woo at -23.

Hubbard has been playing professionally since 2012, taking three years to join the PGA Tour. In 2017, he lost his membership card due to poor performance and was promoted again after two years in the second tier system. He attended 119 PGA Tour events, of which 17 times to top 25, including T2 at the Houston Open 2019 with a total bonus income of nearly four million USD. This season alone, Hubbard competed for 11 awards, being cut out six times.

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