Unicity members choose VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight to challenge themselves and experience Hanoi’s winter night road.

“The attraction of Hanoi night track is irresistible,” said Vo Hoai Nam, leader of the team representing Unicity team. He said that the main reason for attending the tournament was for himself and the members to verify the changes in health after months of practice.

Hanoi night running tournament took place in the morning of November 29, bringing together 5,500 athletes participating in 4 distances. In addition to professional running legs, setting high goals for many individual achievements, the team ran for the tournament to assert themselves.

The Unicity running team with 8 members who loved speed sports and signed up very early. Among the group were those who had been running for a few years, others who had only been accustomed to running for a few months, but all had attended a night marathon for the first time, under the cold 17 degrees Celsius.

The team ran Unicity check-in before departure.

The team ran Unicity check-in before departure.

To prepare for this special experience, 3 hours before the departure time, the group showed up at the Start line, started and saved meaningful photos. The members choose distances of 5 and 10 km. The right track is right for a beginner to this sport.

“Even though I run a lot on the shores of Lake every week, I haven’t been to a sporting event of this scale. We usually do some activities that combine sports and business on Sunday mornings, from more than half a dozen. This year, initially, there were a few people in the running group, the group currently maintains a number of 100 members, “said Trung Thi Minh Tue, 35, a member of the group running Unicity.

According to Tue, the common point between Unicity’s business and running is towards people with healthy and healthy lifestyles. Jogging is also a way for people like her to be healthy, understand customers and promote sports movement in Vietnam. “We want to proactively convey the message of needing to improve health to everyone”, said Ms. Tue.

Unicity members on the run.

Unicity members on the run.

On VM Street Hanoi, the members of the group always run together. After more than an hour, they reached the finish line together and enjoyed the joy of winning the first marathon. Mr. Vo Hoai Nam said he was very impressed with the places he had run through, especially the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi Flagpole. The atmosphere at the finish line was welcome, the audience clapping their hands more and more urged the athletes to withdraw the finish faster and forget the fatigue.

“Hanoi at night is beautiful and quiet, I feel clearly the breath of the land I live in when the seasons change. Community activities in Hanoi are now a luxury with many places still epidemic”, Mr. Nam said.

Mr. Vo Hoai Nam and his members ran for 10km to the finish line.

Mr. Vo Hoai Nam (bib 66483) and the members ran for 10 km to the finish line.

After VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight, members of Unicity plan to join another running tournament in Hue on December 27, as a mark of the end of 2020. The team’s goal in both work and running is “we. may have different starting points, but all will end up together.

Thanh Duong

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