Craig Barlow used a lob wedge instead of a putter from the edge of the green that sent the ball 34 yards into the hole in 2008.

Six years ago, Barlow happened to watch Tiger Woods slip in from 28 meters in hole 4, the second round of the WGC – Cadillac Championship on the channel. Golf Channel. Meanwhile, on the screen together with a table comparing Woods’ closing phase with the longest putts in the PGA Tour, in which Barlow was at the top. Although not surprised, Barlow took out his phone to take pictures.

Barlow's photo captures the PGA Tour's statistics on the record kick he made in 2008. Photo: Golfworld

Barlow’s photo captures the PGA Tour’s statistics on the record trick he made in 2008. Photo: Golfworld

Under the rules of golf, any shot on the green is considered a putt “- putt – whether the golfer uses a putter or not. On the contrary, putting the ball from the green into the hole is not considered a putt. the case of golfer Sang Moon Bae from the green, 35.6 meters from hole 14, the penultimate BMW Championship 2015.

Sangmoon Bae is ranked 14th in the BMW Championship

Bea Sang Moon scored off the green at the 2015 BMW Championship.

Although noted, the PGA Tour database does not have a video to support the truth of Barlow’s “utopia” trick. Some newspapers have chosen to safely say it is “the longest swing we have known since 2003”, when the American arena began to apply. Shotlink to take note of the specs of each tournament.

“If only everyone understood the truth. Wearing the title of the longest putt in the PGA Tour, but it’s not,” he laughed before telling the matter. Golf Digest.

Barlow went to the PGA Tour in 1998, getting a lot of bonuses in the first eight years, including the one million dollar mark in 2006. But during that time, he was still empty title and not in the category of star familiar to fans. tomb.

By 2008, Barlow for the first time lost his specialties. And then, at the age of 35, his number one priority was 150 cuts. With this milestone, Barlow will enter the “veteran member” status, enjoy health insurance, tickets to attend at least 15 awards per year and lifetime privileges at the TPC system owned by PGA Tour. Before Buick Open 2008, Barlow stuck at 148 last cut.

No more direct entry, Barlow must play the qualifying round at the beginning of the week. He passed through that filter, hit 36 ​​main round holes and on the cut out of the three-stroke cutout, and was only once from the big target.

Closing day of the Buick Open at Warwick Hills, Barlow, then 35 years old, entered hole 1, par5 made a sharp right turn with a gentle mentality because he was playing weekend but was not in the title competition group. In the entry hole, he must hit with all his strength and precision to be able to go green in two strokes. If there is a door, surely Barlow will split the road.

However, Barlow decided to use driver and wood number 3 to try to make the hole. After the second swing, he saw the ball just hit the edge of the green. The trouble is, the target is in the back, right side of the green. Its surface was undulating three stories, falling from right to left. Meanwhile, the sand trap is hugging the other end of the hole.

Up to 34 meters away, Barlow chose to swing the ball because this shot helps to limit the rolling distance and the risk of trapping. Just as he was about to get off his lob wedge, he suddenly remembered that his own Don Thom caddy had not yet drawn the flag from the hole. Although not technically putting the ball, at that time, the law of golf required that the pegs had to be lifted.

After Thom finished his task and still stood there to locate, Barlow brought the ball to the top floor of the green. After two bounces, it spilled into the target’s mouth in the cheers of about 50 spectators. Barlow can’t even see holes from the edge of the green.

After the eagle, Barlow scored three more birdies, three bogeys and double bogeys and finished T32 at -10. The whole round, he considered breakeven because he hit a total of 72 strokes on par72.

Barlow competes at Tour's Digital Ally Open in August 2015.  Photo: AP

Barlow competes at Tour’s Digital Ally Open in August 2015. Image: AP

Despite setting a record, Barlow is not too proud of not reaching “the ultimate goal”.

“Amazing shots are all important. I get a shot. Still, I think it still doesn’t match the streak record or win gap,” Barlow said.

Back at Buick Open 2009, still in the old yard, Barlow needs to par the last hole – hole 9 to reach the 150-time mark. He handed out the number three iron stick. “I’m fed up with hitting the woods all my life,” Barlow commented on his first shot. But this time, the ball goes down the fairway and then onto the green safely. He has finished par as expected after two putts, in which the last is just a tap.

As a veteran member, Barlow is likely to compete in dozens of tournaments after that and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more. He retired in 2018. Barlow is 48 years old, is the Head of Coaching at Lake Las Vegas Golf Academy.

Now, every time a young journalist or golfer asks about the old record trick, he pulls out his phone, opens the screenshot. Golf Channel six years ago to testify. “They all get to see it. But to be honest, I don’t explain it was actually a hit,” Barlow revealed.

Quoc Huy (according to Golf Digest)

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