The boxing match between Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, scheduled to take place in May, is canceled at the last minute, due to an injury to the biceps of Australia’s number one athlete – Alex Simon.

“I just had a tendon surgery. This is not something I want to share, but last week I threw a punch and broke my left biceps tendon out of my bone. I know this injury is so bad. Come on, because I had the same injury on my right arm about two years ago. I need about six months to recover. So the boxing match with Bjornsson was canceled, “29-year-old athlete Simon announced. Instagram April 13.

The boxing match between Bjornsson and Simon will be delayed indefinitely.

The boxing match between Bjornsson and Simon will be delayed indefinitely.

The boxing match between Bjornsson and the athlete who won the “Strongest in Australia” competition could not be played in May as scheduled. Currently, Bjornsson has not announced that they will find a new opponent or cancel the match next month.

Earlier this year, Bjornsson debuted boxing village with a performance with professional boxer Steven Ward. After three innings, the referee declared a draw. A comparison with Ward and Simon is Bjornsson’s preparation for the monument with Eddie Hall, a 33-year-old British athlete, in Las Vegas in September 2021.

Bjornsson is desperate to break into boxing after becoming the strongest man on the planet.  Photo: Instagram

Bjornsson is aspiring to step into boxing after becoming “The Strongest Man on the Planet”. Image: Instagram

The two used to be good friends, but their relationship deteriorated after Bjornsson accused Eddie Hall of cheating in the Viking Press section of the 2017 World’s Strongest Man. “Me and Bjornsson used to be good friends. He came. My family had many times and we had parties together We had also fought in many places, but it was all ruined after what happened at the World’s Strongest Person in 2017. I felt like I was beaten. backstabbing “, The Sun quoted Eddie Hall.

Bjornsson, 31 years old, 2.06 meters tall and weighing 205 kg, is considered the strongest person on the planet. He has won the title of “The Strongest Person in Europe” five times and the title “The Strongest Man in the World” once in 2018. Bjornsson is also famous for his role as Gregor Clegane, nicknamed The Mountain, in the film “Game of Thrones”.

In early May 2020, Bjornsson successfully lifted a deadlift-style 501 kg weight, one kilogram more than the record set by Eddie Hall himself in 2016.

Hafthor Bjornsson set a record lifting weights 501 kilograms

Bjornsson set a record for lifting 501kg.

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