On the afternoon of March 21, the South team won the North team with a score of 17.5 – 10.5 in the fifth team golf competition organized by the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA).

The Southern team raised the Union Cup at West Lakes Golf & Villas, Long An on March 21.  Photo: Golfnews / Duy Duong

The Southern team raised the Union Cup at West Lakes Golf & Villas, Long An on March 21. Image: Golfnews / Duy Duong

From the balance of 4-4, the South team led the visitors from 9.5-6.5 at the end of the match against the team on March 20. At this time, the home team needs 3.5 points to win because according to the tournament rules, with the current championship position, they are entitled to keep the Cup if they reach the 14 point mark. Meanwhile, the Northern visitors need eight points to reach the victory mark – 14.5.

Field length approximately 6,900 yards and minimum green speed 11.0. “My team was stunned the first day because the green was fast but from yesterday we got used to it,” said Northern team member Trung Hieu before entering the single match format.

Yesterday, against a duel, the South team closed the championship mark when winning four of the first five matches, including the unexpected results from member Nguyen Tien Manh when he met Thai Trung Hieu. At the beginning of the match, the main player of the visitors team was rated “on the basis” of Tien Manh. In the process, Trung Hieu led his opponent through eight holes. However, Tien Manh balanced his stance from hole 9, drew all four of the next holes and then started leading from hole 13. He ended the match with a 2 Up advantage in hole 17.

After the victory of teammate Tran Anh Linh, the South team needed 0.5 more points. At that time, the battle of Vu Pham Nguyen An – Hoang Quan became the key to open the door to the coronation podium for the homeowner.

During the battle, Nguyen An led throughout, reaching 2 Up after 16 holes. At this moment, his team is considered as champions because even if he loses the remaining two holes, he still brings back a valuable half point. But the war ended in hole 17, when Hoang Quan failed to keep par. And Nguyen An won a whole point with the advantage of 3 Up. Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee pulls the whistle to end the match and the remaining six matches are all defaulted in the draw result.

Union Cup 2021 kicked off from March 19 at West Lakes Golf & Villas, Long An province, gathered players with a maximum handicap score of 5.0. The tournament consists of 16 team match matches divided equally between foursome and fourball format and 12 individual hole matches – single match, in which, one point for the win, 0.5 point for the draw.

Keeping the Cup this time, the South team won three consecutive periods. Four times ago, the tournament took place annually, in which the North won the first two periods (2016-2017). From this year, the event will be biannual for two years.

Quoc Huy

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