Police will not publish the conclusion of an investigation into the Tiger Woods self-collision near Los Angeles, without the consent of the former world number one golfer.

“We have completed the investigation and determined the cause. The contents of the black box and other essentials are enough. They have been sealed,” Los Angeles Police Chief Alex Villanueva said on March 31. Respond to requests for information from Associated Press.

The accident on Feb. 23 caused Woods to break his leg and be hospitalized for three weeks. He is being treated at his home in Florida.

Tiger Woods car was hoisted from the scene of the accident on 23/2.  Photo: AP

Tiger Woods car was hoisted from the scene of the accident on 23/2. Image: AP

However, Villanueva said the investigative team needed Woods’ consent for the release of the results. “We are consulting from Tiger Woods and our representative for the disclosure of privacy related information,” explains Villanueva.

Before this move, criminal law professor Joseph Giacalone disagreed. “I’ve never seen an agency wait for permission in such a matter. What if the attorney in question says ‘you can’t publish right now’. And the document doesn’t come to us, it’s it. where are you going, “said Giacalone Golf Channel. This expert said the police would not consult if the person was a normal person, but if they were afraid of the possibility of the health situation behind the wheel, they simply said that the Woods case was an emergency without further information. .

For traffic accidents in California, state law requires that only relevant parties have access to a complete report.

Villanueva maintained his point – consider the Woods incident to be a pure accident. But field evidence hints at the possibility that he didn’t step on his brake or steer before hitting the median strip.

During the session of taking the bow, Woods said he did not remember the steering and the events of the accident and the first witness claimed that the American golfer was unconscious. This detail contradicts a statement from Villanueva’s deputy. Woods was behind the driver’s seat, shocked, but awake, and was able to answer simple questions, he said.

Authorities requested access to the black box but ignored the Woods blood test. In 2017, through this proceeding, Woods was charged with driving under the use of drugs. He then went to the drug rehabilitation center prescribed by doctors, including the insomnia drug Ambien.

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