The PGA Tour has added a limit line (OB) to hole 18 to prevent golfers from finding a tactical advantage by crossing the lake to the fairway of hole 9 The Players Championship.

“For the safety of the spectators, the players and the organizers, the judging board has set a limit line – the OB on the left side of the lake in hole 18. The same thing used to be in hole 9 – major The Open Championship. 2017, holes 13 and 18 – Sony Open 2021 and the most recent hole 6 – Arnold Palmer Invitational, ”explained PGA Tour in the March 9 announcement. Therefore, if an OB is awarded at hole 18, the player must replay with a penalty stroke.

This hole OB does not affect the legal action if the golfer hits hole 9 and the ball hits the common trap.

Hole 18 of Stadium of TPC Sawgrass.  Photo: Todays Golfer

Hole 18 of Stadium of TPC Sawgrass. Image: Today’s Golfer

The PGA Tour will host the main event The Players Championship with a prize fund of $ 15 million at the Stadium of the TPC Sawgrass golf complex in Florida from March 11 to March 14. PGA Tour Headquarters on site.

The 18th hole of the Stadium is par4 type, 462 yard long for professional performance, with a large lake, running from the teeing ground to the front of the green and the narrow fairway, hugging on the right. From the top of hole 18, on the left side of the lake is the 9th fairway.

Bryson DeChambeau – “PGA Tour boss” – thinks crossing the lake to the fairway hole 9 will be more beneficial than the standard line designed by legendary architect Pete Dye. Because once across the opposite shore of the lake, he opened his way to the green. This is within the reach of the PGA Tour rangers, especially DeChambeau, with an average header of 323.9 yards this season.

On March 8, DeChambeau won the Arnold Palmer Invitational by taking advantage of his talent. The last two rounds of the tournament, he twice crossed the big lake in hole 6, par5 to shorten his way to green and both birdsie, in which the kicking distance was at least 370 yards. After his coronation, he revealed his intention to take a similar shortcut at hole 18, The Players Championship. Meeting the media at TPC Sawgrass yesterday, he repeated that.

“Maybe I will try. But if there is an stands and a service tent in hole 9. Besides, at hole 18 with light breeze I can still play 100 yards from the green. And to the fairway hole 9 is not really. having great advantages later on, but of course avoiding most of the lake would be more convenient “, DeChambeau analyzed.

The PGA Tour issued the decision to place the OB hole at the end of the Stadium shortly after DeChambeau’s sharing session.

According to analysis from the Golf Channel, broadcasting to the fairway hole 9 is not necessarily the optimal strategy when dealing with hole 18. Because if the lake, the shot must be far and accurate. To cross the opposite shore in the most favorable position, the golfer needs to play 325 yards into a flat but small fairway.

Not reaching this distance, the player can aim the left, but the ball is more likely to crash the slope and then into the rough grass. Left more deflected, the way to the green is the sentence tree. And the service tent that Dechambeau mentioned is about 50 yards from the 18th hole green.

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