Golfers can use fatigue relief equipment on the PGA Tour field from this week.

PGA Tour announced the new policy via e-mail to member golfers on November 17. This policy is in effect at RSM Classic – an event taking place from November 19 to November 22 in Sea Island, Georgia, USA.

“The use of rehabilitation aids must not delay general progress, avoid disturbing colleagues and are only for medical or relaxing purposes,” the PGA Tour text says.

The massage machine promises to be useful to golfers who often suffer from pain while playing like Tiger Woods.  Photo: Augusta National

The personal massage machine promises to be helpful to golfers who are in pain while playing like Tiger Woods. Image: Augusta National

Last month, PGA Tour chose Hyperice as a supplier of high-tech health rehabilitation equipment. This business was established in 2010 and is in the top group of specialized market in the US.

Under the agreement between the two sides, Hyperice provides the latest products for free to both the PGA Tour players and the Champions branch. In return, in addition to being promoted at official events, Hyperice has exclusive rights to sell products at the PGA Tour’s 16 TPC grounds.

In the immediate future, members of the first-class arena will receive the “masseuse” Hypervolt Plus with built-in bluetooth to be able to track information and effectively use it via smartphones and tablets. This product line has a retail price of 260 USD in the US.

In fact, Hyperice has been used by a number of PGA Tour golfers for the past few years. “Since 2017, I often bring equipment of that company to support the game,” said Lanto Griffin said Golf Digest 11/18. When there is no policy to use on the field, the 2019 Houston Open champion only uses Hyperice before and after the round, especially the thermal tape with vibrating function to relax the waist.

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