The National Antagonistic Golf Championship 2020 will take place at FLC Golf Links Samson from December 9 to December 12.

Doan Xuan Khue Minh won the women's group championship at the 2019 national antagonistic golf championship.

Doan Xuan Khue Minh won the women’s group championship at the 2019 national antagonistic golf championship.

The tournament consists of four groups. Men’s table consists of 80 athletes, for golfers with a Vhandicap or a Handicap index under the World Handicap System not exceeding 9.9. Middle-aged table has 20 athletes, for male golfers over 55 years old, with Vhandicap no more than 15.9. The female table has the same number of athletes and Vhandicap rules as the middle age table. The youth chart is for male and female golfer under 12 years old and up to 20 athletes.

According to the format of the tournament, the three defending champions Nguyen Nhat Long (men’s group), Doan Xuan Khue Minh (women’s group), and Nguyen Duy Dau (middle-aged group) were specially entered straight into the opposition round. The rest of the golfers will have to compete in a qualifying round based on 18-hole stroke play.

After the first round of stroke play, 31 men’s group, seven middle-aged group golfers, seven girls’ group golfers and eight young group golers got the best results in the fighting round.

The female and middle-aged table used the vehicle during the competition. Boys and boys have to walk, to practice as the rules of competition at top international golf events.

The national antagonistic golf championship started to be reorganized and became an annual tournament in 2016. A year later, recognized by the World Amateur Golf Ranking, the champions of the tournament will be listed on the board. world ranking.

Lam Thoa

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