Michael Page broke Derek Anderson’s nose and set a record for the most knockout wins at Bellator 258 event on May 8.

In the fourth minute of the first half, Page launched a powerful kick. Anderson misjudged as he bent down to dodge the blow, and took the full kick in the nose area.

Martial artist broke his nose in the first inning

The 31-year-old puncher fell into the ring, but could continue playing in the first half. During the break, the medical staff had to take care of Anderson when his nose was broken and sagged down. Anderson wanted to continue, but didn’t get the permission of his doctors.

The referee therefore stopped the game and knocked Page over the technical knock-out. The 34-year-old British boxer raised the streak to five, and set the record for most knock-out wins in Bellator history with ten. By page MmafightingPage also became the first fighter to defeat Anderson with a kick.

Page carefully studies the opponent's movements to deliver precise attacks.  Photo: Bellator MMA

Page carefully studies the opponent’s movements to deliver precise attacks. Image: Bellator MMA

“I kept watching to see if Anderson was going in one direction, and he did. In the end, I got my feet in that direction. I didn’t think the kick was that effective, but it was a shot. the correct attack, “Page said after the game.

British boxers from Trinidad and Jamaica also sent greetings to the opponent. Page said: “I have a lot of respect for Anderson, he’s a tough opponent. He’s going to come back stronger, I’m sure of that. We’ll probably meet again in another game later.”

Former boxer RJ Clifford, now working as a commentator, rubbed Page’s blow. “After the game, Anderson will have to breathe through his mouth for a long time,” Clifford joked.

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