BrazilFormer UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum paused when he thought Renan Ferreira had been pleading for goods, and was knocked out at the PFL 3 event on May 6.

Right at the beginning of the first half, Werdum pulled the opponent to the floor with a triangular lock. The 43-year-old Brazilian boxer thought it was over when Ferreira hit his shoulder twice to beg for goods. However, referee Keith Peterson did not interfere.

Werdum’s momentary pause helped Ferreira get out of control. The 31-year-old boxer regained his advantage and threw more than ten punches in the head of his fellow countryman.

Renan Ferreira pleaded for goods before defeating Fabricio Werdum

This time, Mr. Peterson rushed to stop the match at 2 minutes 32 seconds of the first half, and awarded a knockout victory to Ferreira. The result gave Ferreira six key points in the heavyweight round.

“I think we all saw, Ferreira had a hand to beg and I had to respect my opponent. I stopped. I could break my arm or knock him unconscious. I stopped when Ferreira slapped, but He continued to punch me in the head, “Werdum said after the game. “I thought it was over when he hit me on the shoulder. So I stopped, stopped hitting. I stopped but he still punched me in the face. The referee didn’t do anything. When he saw a boxer. You have to stop the game, but it happened, everyone saw him pleading for goods. I think Ferreira himself knows that, “the former UFC heavyweight champion continued to complain. .

Werdum also left open the possibility of appealing to the organizers. By page Mmamania, Werdum’s team will review the situation for analysis, before making a final decision in the coming days.

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