James Conrad birdie from 75.3 meters to drag his opponent into the extra hole and was recently crowned Disc Golf World Championship (DGWC) in Wyoming.

James Conrad birdie 75.3 meters away

“What did we just watch”, the Disc Golf Pro Tour commentators exclaimed in unison while watching Conrad put the disc in the iron cage at the “90th standard hole” on the closing day of the DGWC on June 26.

Conrad was more than 75 meters from the target, took a distance for a while, drafted the movement once before shooting. The saucer flew forward, around a large tree and into the “hole” in the cheers of the crowd.

After this birdie, Conrad played the extra hole, defeating Paul McBeth – a five-time world champion. Both finished at -39 on a par 63 course including one par5 hole, seven par4 holes, the rest par 3.

Conrad celebrates the DGWC championship trophy on June 26.  Photo: Innova Discs

Conrad celebrates the DGWC championship trophy on June 26. Image: Innova Discs

Particularly in the last round, Conrad scored -9. Through five rounds, equivalent to 90 holes, he hit 95% of the fairway with an average distance of 8.8 meters. Conrad received $16,500, McBeth received $10,000 in the $173,105 bonus fund.

The event was held at Fort Buenaventura Park, gathering 279 professional players, of which 70 were female. Catrina Allen finished at -10 points, getting $ 10,000 for the second time winning the Women’s group. The final round attracted about 1,400 field spectators.

Catrina Allen lifts the Professional Disc Golf World Championships trophy at Fort Buenaventura Park, Ogden on June 26.  Photo: Deseret News

Catrina Allen lifts the Professional Disc Golf World Championships trophy at Fort Buenaventura Park, Ogden on June 26. Image: Deseret News

Disc Golf – Disc golf uses discus throwing techniques on the golf course, over nine or 18 holes. The gameplay and rules are similar to golf with the ultimate goal being to get the disc from the top of the hole through the fairway over obstacles – most lakes and forests to put the disc in one of the two coaxial cages with as few throws. the better.

Disc golf is growing in the US. This sport achieved an annual growth rate of 15-30% before Covid-19 and exploded during the epidemic. Udisc – a prestigious professional organization estimates that the number of rounds has increased by 250% in 12 months, from January 2020. Disc golf is growing rapidly because this sport meets the needs of outdoor exercise in the form of distance of the majority during the pandemic. Plus, it’s easy to access in terms of technology and infrastructure – most venues don’t charge a rental fee and the entry fee is low – only about $8 for a basic set.

Disc golf was born in the early 1900s with its official debut in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1927. After 120 years, it is present in about 40 countries, with more than 71,000 active members under the Professional Disc Golf Association. – PDGA. The organization is based in the state of Georgia, but operates globally. The PDGA estimates that the world has about 8,854 disc golf courses, with 6,652 in the US alone.

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