Team Flash received criticism for their low performance from last year, starting to struggle in the group stage this year, but surprisingly won the 2021 Spring Arena of Fame.

Before the final match of the Arena of Fame (DTDV) Spring 2021 of Lien Quan Mobile eSport, Team Flash was under a lot of pressure. Having held an undefeated position in many domestic tournaments, having won 2 world championships, but Team Flash’s performance dropped at the end of last year.

Team Flash is crowned champion at the Arena of Fame Spring 2021.

Team Flash is crowned champion at the Arena of Fame Spring 2021.

Starting this year’s tournament, they had a rough start when losing to opponents like Cerberus Esport, V Gaming, Saigon Phamton with a white score of 0-3. Team Flash’s fighting style from the beginning of the year was considered old, easily caught and broken by opponents. Reaching the final against arch-rival Saigon Phantom, Team Flash suffered a lot of skepticism from fans.

But the final of DTDV Spring 2021 witnessed a spectacular comeback, Team Flash released a new series of cards. ADC players and teammates limit the selection of enemy counters, constantly changing “weird” cards on all lanes. XB with the familiar Raz card once said, Team Flash will take back everything that belongs to the team. The tightly controlled game combined with new pokes helps Team Flash keep the initiative.

In the first game, the duo Elsu – Gildur helped them “pecker” well from afar. Game two, the Bear took Fennik to go Ceasar and Violet defended the dragon lane, nullifying the opponent’s attacks. Game three, Zeref of Saigon Phantom holding Rouie, the card that holds 100% of the win rate is also not effective enough against ProE holding Superman as an assistant. In the last game, the main house broke at the 13th minute, the invincible Saigon Phantom from the beginning of the season quickly lost to a Team Flash with unexpected and refreshing cards.

Team Flash sat down to share information with the media after receiving the championship.

Team Flash sat down to share information with the media after receiving the championship.

After the final match, Team Flash said that this 4-0 scoreline did not come from skills but thanks to the spirit of fighting to the fullest, not missing the opportunity of each member. Before that, ADC and XB said that “the whole team forgot to eat, forgot to sleep, practiced until midnight to remember not having dinner” and “the member who just needs to play a game without “dry blood” will be corrected by the whole team immediately.” . In fact, in the final, Team Flash proved the spirit of a true “king”, dispelling previous doubts about performance.

Team Flash’s new fighting style is no longer too dependent on the individual skills of the ADC, XB or ProE players, but upholds the collective spirit, fights to the fullest, does not miss the opportunity to block with the opponent.

Game 4 helped Team Flash return to dominate the throne, helping this team collect the only Castrol Power1 Victory of The Season title, for the team with a quick victory with teamwork. After the final match, the ADC player said that he and his teammates always stood together to overcome all challenges, not pursuing personal titles such as “god of the forest”, “king number 1″… The expensive collective title Castrol Power1 Victor of The Season is the clearest proof of this effort.

The Castrol Power1 Victory of The Season trophy was awarded to Team Flash.

The Castrol Power1 Victory of The Season trophy was awarded to Team Flash.

Sponsor representative Castrol Power1 said that through the players, the inspiration of the brand was spread throughout the tournament. “In this year’s tournament, we saw the spirit of ‘live it to the fullest, don’t miss it’ of ADC, XB, ProE and Team Flash members. Castrol Power1 chose these players as the face of the show. , conveying that spirit to the gaming community and Vietnamese youth”. The brand also expects that after this championship, Team Flash will continue to bring that spirit to the AWC 2021 World Mobile Alliance tournament next summer, where they are still the defending champions, with the mission of bringing Vietnam has become the strongest e-sports country in the world.

In addition to the championship worth 900 million VND, Team Flash also received another 100 million VND in cash and a year of using Castrol Power1 Ultimate premium lubricant.

Quang Anh
Image: Garena.

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