Telecommunications engineer Huynh Quoc Hung, 36 years old, is the man behind the development and success of many running groups in the Central region, including Son Tra Runners.

In 2019, Huynh Quoc Hung accidentally came to jogging when participating in virtual running activities, supporting charity work. He had never practiced before, so every day, despite his best efforts, he could only run about 3km. In the same year, the workplace held a movement award, and he also signed up to participate in the fun.

At that time, Hung said, he tried his best to practice and learn more about running. Such movement tournaments have helped him fall in love with this sport. In June 2020, a friend asked him to support activities for the recently established Son Tra Runners group. Initially, Mr. Hung refused because he was inexperienced and too busy with work and family. After a period of convincing, the engineer also agreed. Since then, he has taken on the role of a silent supporter, behind the success of runners.

Huynh Quoc Hung during the time he attended VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020. Photo: VM

Huynh Quoc Hung during his attendance at VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020. Photo: VM

Joining Son Tra Runners, Mr. Hung advocates promoting activities to connect runners. He organizes running sessions with full support from water, food, and medical care for runners. The original idea was opposed because everyone thought it would be very laborious and laborious. However, Hung is still determined to do it with the aim of helping runners experience the feeling of competing, thereby promoting their full potential.

VnExpress is implementing a virtual running tournament to support the translation center. Registration here.

Well-received by the members, activities are maintained regularly every week with different topics and locations. Runners with good performance are also rewarded, making Son Tra Runners’ activities very exciting. Since then, the engineer has thought about more ideas and events both in person and online, and organized many activities so that runners can develop to their full potential.

Just like that, the activities of Son Tra Runners become more methodical and professional. With good news from afar, Mr. Hung was invited to support activities for many other clubs in Hue and Da Nang.

Mr. Hung instructs runners to warm up and stretch.  Photo: NVCC.

Mr. Hung instructs runners to warm up and stretch. Photo: NVCC.

Also in 2020, Son Tra Runner had an impressive pitch when participating in many running tournaments with a large number of competing members. The group has up to 102 runners registered for VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2021. Hung said he wants to create a positive running community, changing many people’s views on the subject. He is happy that the things he has done to help the runners become more professional.

However, no success comes easily. At that time, he was alone with many jobs. Plus the huge pressure put on him when many self-organized tournaments were canceled made him lose 5kg. His sinusitis also worsened and had to be hospitalized for surgery. At that time, his family vehemently protested when he devoted himself to running without spending time with his loved ones.

“My family prevented me, I was scolded by many people because I neglected my wife and children, did not fulfill my responsibilities to the family. I was very sad, even depressed. When I recall, I had a full time. tears,” Hung said.

All difficulties came for a while, it seemed that there was a time when he wanted to give up. However, the passion and desire to develop the running community is still boiling in the heart of the 8x engineer. He decided to take the time to arrange his life, balance his emotions.

The Make Runner Great group was established in January 2021.  Photo: NCVV.

The Make Runner Great group was established in January 2021. Photo: NCVV.

In early 2021, Quoc Hung created an independent running group called Make Runner Great (MRG) and continued to apply the formula that brought success before to organize activities. A few close members from Son Tra Runners previously supported and continued to accompany him on his new journey.

On this journey, the engineer who loves to run is no longer alone. Instead of holding all the work alone, Mr. Hung divided it among other members of the group, along with practicing early in the morning to avoid affecting family members. Thanks to that, the engineer has time to spend with his wife and children and take care of his family. Gradually, the family felt that this was a useful job for many people, so they accepted it for him to pursue his passion.

The group chose Dragon Bridge, a symbol of Da Nang, as a place to practice. Many curious passersby stopped the car to watch and ask to practice with, 8x runners also enthusiastically guided. MRG quickly attracted many participants, from a few dozen to several hundred people who regularly practice.

Learning from what happened, Quoc Hung wishes Make Runners Great will have a separate development direction. “I wanted Make Runners Great to be an independent running group, not limited to geographical space or dependent on any organization,” he shared.

When the epidemic had not yet broken out, Make Runner Great regularly organized activities for Runners.  Photo: NVCC

When the epidemic had not yet broken out, Make Runner Great regularly organized activities for Runners. Photo: NVCC

For many months now, the epidemic has affected the activities of MRG. Unlike other clubs, when Da Nang did not have a distance order, Mr. Hung resolutely stopped all MRG’s concentrated activities and switched to online mode to keep the runners safe.

MRG’s management team continuously organizes running and training challenges in an online format to keep the members motivated. Some activities can be mentioned as “99-day running challenge”, “two-legged jump rope challenge” or “wall sit challenge” lasting until the end of the year. Along with that, many professional sharing sessions are also held so that runners can improve their skills even at home.

“As a fledgling group of runners, we have big dreams. Running is considered a ‘sport to play until old’, so I want to devote all my energy to getting more and more people attached to the track.” , the engineer shared.

Sticking with MRG today are 1,500 runners who regularly practice, a desirable number for a running group less than a year old. According to Mr. Hung, attractive activities are the secret to attracting a large number of members. Among these, there are many potential young runners. La Thanh Hoan, 20 years old, has been involved in running since 2014. The student of Duy Tan University was discovered by Mr. Hung after a race and persuaded him to join MRG.

La Thanh Hoan is a potential young runner of Make Runner Great.  Photo: NVCC.

La Thanh Hoan is a potential young runner of Make Runner Great. Photo: NVCC.

With youth, enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, the 20-year-old man makes constant progress. Thanh Hoan quickly became one of MRG’s best runners. The student registered to participate in the distance HM 21km at VM Quy Nhon and FM 42km in Nha Trang and Hue. Thanh Hoan is definitely a runner worth watching at VM.

“In the HM race, I want to improve my achievement of 1 hour and 24 minutes. In the FM race, I will try my best to reach sub 3. My goal is to strive to bring achievements to MRG. “, Hoan shared.

Vu Duc Toan, 53 years old, is also another worth-seeing runners of MRG. At the age of over 50, Duc Toan is still persistent on the running track. Sticking with the subject since 2012. However, it was not until recently when he joined MRG that Mr. Toan practiced more methodically.

Initially running only 10km, now the U60 runner has comfortably conquered HM 21km thanks to the dedicated guidance of MRG members. Even when registering to participate in VM Quy Nhon and Ha Long 2021, Mr. Toan aims to be in the top 5 athletes with the best achievements in the age group. He shared: “If the right point falls, I can completely achieve my goal. I am practicing and improving every day. In the future I aim to conquer the 42km distance.”

Another thing that makes MRG special is that the group always prioritizes organizing fundraising activities and connecting the community. The engineer shared: “In the organization of activities, we have rewards and penalties. Instead of using the fines for members who violate the rules to organize meals, we want to contribute to charity activities. “. That’s why, every time they have to pay a fine or donate, MRG members happily accept it.

At the age of 36, engineer Huynh Quoc Hung said he still has a lot of energy to continue his passion journey. He admits that he is not a good runner, but likes to stand behind, support and care for potential runners going forward. He thought: “My heart is my biggest investment. I am satisfied with what I have done and the most precious thing I receive is joy”.

Hoai Phuong

With the purpose of calling for cooperation, “contributing the wind into a storm” of the V-Race community, supporting the frontline against the epidemic, VnExpress launched the “Sharing together” virtual running tournament. The award carries the message of “unanimously sharing” with the team of doctors, medical staff, and security who are on duty on the front lines.

Each runner who registers for the “Sharing together” virtual run will donate 100,000 VND to the program “Strengthening the epidemic center”, starting at 2pm on August 6. Join here.

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