On March 19, Alexander Levy and Chris Paisley both “finished the hole” in hole 14 but had to leave after the second round of the Kenyan Open – the European Tour event in the country of the same name.

The Kenya Open with a prize fund of 1.19 million USD started on the par71 field from March 18. In the opening ceremony, Levy hit 74 strokes and Paisley 75. The next day, the French golfer joined from hole 10, 14 holes ahead of Paisley.

Both scored a hole-in-one on a 14 par3 hole, 210 yards long. According to the US hole-in-one statistics agency, the probability of “one stroke in the hole” for a professional Tour player is 1 / 3,000 shots.

Particularly Levy, it is the second ace in the European Tour this season. The first shot, he used his ninth iron to kick in the hole 15 par3, 177 yards long, the penultimate round of the HSBC Championship in Abu Dhabi earlier this year. His reward at that time was the BMW 850i xDrive.

Levy celebrates the ace in Abu Dhabi

Levy celebrates the hole-in-one in Abu Dhabi.

The European Tour has not released information on Levy’s “one swing” in Kenya this week. After that, the French golfer added three birdies and one bogey and closed the round of 67 strokes. Paisley finished the penultimate day with similar transcripts.

After 36 holes, Levy got a score of -1 and Paisley even par. Both had to stop the game due to the cut line -2. The top of Group 11 belongs to Kalle Samooja and Scott Hend. Behind them were 14 players at a distance of four strokes.

French golfers Victor Dubuisson (left) and Alexander Levy (right) compete at the Kenya Open this weekend.  Photo: Sky

French golfers Victor Dubuisson (left) and Alexander Levy (right) compete at the Kenya Open this weekend. Image: Sky

Levy was born in 1990, has been playing professionally since 2011. He mainly competes in the European Tour, currently owns five championships. Paisley is from England, four years older than Levy and two years old in the European arena but only once crowned, at the South African Open 2018.

Although the official event of the European Tour 2021, the Kenya Open was not broadcast live from day one to the penultimate round. The host organization explained this disadvantage due to lack of control over logistics problems. They hope to solve the problem for the final round to be “on air”.

On 19/3, the European Tour announced the Portugal Masters indefinitely postponement due to the influence of Covid-19. According to the original schedule, the tournament was scheduled to take place from April 29 to May 2 with a prize fund of $ 1,786 million in Portugal.

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