For the past three days, Brad Stecklein fasted and sat in front of the Legends Golf & Country Club gate in Florida – his former workplace – to protest against the dismissal he deemed unjustified.

Stecklein has worked for more than 14 years at the Legends Course in charge of teaching golf, or testing the quality of the greens. But he suddenly received notice of resignation from this Monday. In the afternoon of the same day, Stecklein sat on the main road into the courtyard, not eating or sleeping.

“They fired me without any reason. It was so unfair that I had to protest like this,” Stecklein said. Golfweek on May 6.

Ranae Frazier – Legends’ CEO – said she did not understand why Stecklein “protested” outside and declined to comment further. “Nobody has been fired without an excuse,” Frazier replied shortly Golfweek Find out the source of the attack.

Stecklein sits outside of the Legends golf course.  Photo: USA Today

Stecklein sits outside of the Legends golf course. Image: USA Today

Under Florida law, workers can lose their jobs without prior notice. Exceptions include, dismissal on grounds that are not in accordance with employment law or contractual terms.

Stecklein said the Legends pitch was unfounded because he had been a loyal employee for nearly 15 years. The golfer said his division specialized in leadership changes late last year and since then he has been treated harshly but has never been criticized or reviewed in writing.

Local police went to the hunger strike scene, but Stecklein’s behavior was still allowed as long as he sat on the sidewalk.

From Tuesday afternoon, many Legends members stopped by to encourage Stecklein. “More than 200 people, or about a quarter of the members of the courtyard who visited me, asked me over the past few days.”

“We are concerned and very sad about this,” Don Bianchini – member and resident of the yard – expressed feelings about the story of Stecklein. Bianchini said he persuaded the person to stop the hunger strike but failed.

Stecklein is the main laborer in the family, because his wife has a chronic intestinal disease and her son is 11 years old. He said last year he turned down a job offer from another field because he wanted to stick with Legends.

Despite having his own lawyer, Stecklein has not yet developed a legal response.

“I am hoping to receive attention from the public. It feels like losing loved ones. It is too unfair to treat workers like that,” he said.

Quoc Huy (according to the Golfweek)

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