The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Kansas City Chief 31-9 in the Super Bowl to win the US football championship in Florida on 7/2.

When Man Utd was still struggling to find glory in the Premier League, across the Atlantic, another Glazers team had just won the most prestigious title of American sports. In the Super Bowl 55 match, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the Glazers gave Chief no chance to go upstream by leading in all three innings with 7-3, 14-3, 10-3 respectively, before drawing 0. -0 in the fourth inning.

Tom Brady was excited after a score from the home team in the Super Bowl match on 7/2.  Photo: AP

Tom Brady was excited after a score from the home team in the Super Bowl match on 7/2. Image: AP

This is the Buccaneers’ second Super Bowl title after their first season in 2002. Both titles came under the Glazers, who have owned the team since 1995.

The most notable figure in the Buccaneers’ victory was veteran midfielder Tom Brady. The 43-year-old star shows his class as he led Florida’s team to win last season’s champion – Chief. This was Brady’s 10th Super Bowl game, which saw him win his 7th championship and receive the MVP Super Bowl title for the fifth time. These are all American football records, reinforcing Brady’s “GOAT” (Best Player of All Time) position in the history of the game.

Before the 2020 season, suspicious eyes were on Brady and the Buccaneers. In March 2020, Tom Brady, 42, left the New England Patriots after 20 years of sticking to Florida Bay, where the Buccaneers treated him to a $ 50 million contract for two seasons. Many people believe that Brady is out of time, and difficult to continue his peak when he leaves the East Coast. However, Brady proved the opposite, such as overcoming doubts in his life.

Before the Super Bowl 55 match, the Buccaneers, despite playing at home in Florida, were still underrated defending champion Chief. The house also has the Chief handicap to accept the Buccaneers with three points. This comes from Chief playing too convincingly on the way to the Super Bowl and full of determination to defend the championship title.

Brady lifted the Cup for the seventh time at the Super Bowl.  Photo: AP

Brady lifted the Cup for the seventh time at the Super Bowl. Image: AP

But “old man” Brady and the defense of the Buccaneers poured cold water on the visitors. While Brady has a superb performance, successfully executing 21 out of 29 passes, a total length of more than 200 meters to help the team score 3 touchdowns, the Buccaneers defense is equally shining. The home side’s defense made chief midfielder Patrick Mahomes on the other hand, had a terrible day. Mahomes didn’t have any touchdowns, and was constantly being felled.

In three touchdowns made by Brady, two of them are for close teammate Rob Gronkowski. The duo won three Super Bowl in Patriots shirt colors and continued to shine in the Buccaneers. Before the 2020 season, it was Brady who persuaded the Buccaneers leadership to conduct a player-selection transaction with the Patriots to bring Gronkowski back. This decision made the Buccaneers the first team in history to win the Super Bowl at home.

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