Quang NamFormer French U23 player Loic Desriac affirmed his strength when he won the 14 individual timed leg at Tam Ky on the morning of April 20.

Loic Desriac excels in personal timing to win back the Yellow Shirt after 14 races.  Photo: Van Thuan.

Loic Desriac excels in personal timing to win back the Yellow Shirt after 14 races. Image: Van Thuan.

Before the race, the organizers announced the adjustment of the competition rules for stage 14 with the content of no bonus hours 10 seconds, 6 seconds, 4 seconds for 3 athletes respectively first, second, and three stages. “After carefully reviewing the official dispatch of the Vietnam Bicycle Federation, the arbitration board and the race executive board decided to adjust the charter according to the current world bicycle law to ensure fairness, for the development of Vietnamese bicycles “, said race chief Nguyen Dinh Khoi.

No big surprises happened when the riders got on the saddle. Dong Nai Loic Desriac, with great strength, strength, and speed, completed 7 kilometers after 8 minutes 26 seconds 27, to finish first. With the Golden Shirt at the 13th leg Nguyen Truong Tai ranked only 8 with a record of 9 minutes 12 seconds 33, Desriac rose to occupy the Yellow Shirt after two days of falling into the opponent, he made a difference of 34 seconds with runner Javier Perez.

“Today’s race is difficult, because of the high temperature and wind so I try to do my best in my competition. I have no pressure at all to defend the Yellow Shirt in the next races,” said former the French U23 player said after putting on the Yellow Shirt.

Other titles after 14 unchanged stages when the Blue Shirt still belonged to Nguyen Tan Hoai (Dong Thap), the White Shirt was held by Le Hai Dang, and the Red Shirt still belonged to Nguyen Pham Quoc Khang. The first team member is held by Bikelife Dong Nai.

Tomorrow, April 21, the team rested at Tam Ky before competing for the 180-kilometer long leg from Quang Nam to Binh Dinh.

The 2021 Television Cup competition through Vietnam has a total prize fund of nearly 2 billion VND – the highest in history. 15 domestic teams participate, compete on a total route of 2,450 kilometers through 22 stages. The race departs from Cao Bang on April 6, and then finishes at the Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City on April 30.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Television Cup cannot invite foreign racing teams. But the tournament still has two veterans in Vietnam for a long time, Javier Sarda Perez (HCMC) and Loic Descriac (Dong Nai).

The French crab regains the Vietnam Cup Golden Shirt - 2

Dong Huyen

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