AmericaFormer UFC mid-range champion Chris Weidman suffered a terrible injury when he launched a kick to break the Uriah Hall in the match at the UFC 261 event on April 24.

The 11-year rematch between Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall at the VyStar Veterans Memorial arena, Florida ended quickly.

When the referee just started the game, Weidman launched a kick to break the opponent’s turret. But Hall intercepted with a footrest, and broke Weidman’s right leg in two.

The former UFC middleweight champion did not know this, it was not until Weidman’s foot touched the ground that Weidman lost his tower and fell to the floor. The referee immediately rushed to stop the game, and Hall held his head and turned away in panic.

Chris Weidman broke his leg while kicking the opponent's turret

* Video contains injury images, readers should consider before watching.

Weidman was cast in an octagonal cage by paramedics before being taken out of the gym by an ambulance. Hall, therefore, was awarded a technical knockout win at the 17th second of the first half without launching any attacks.

Hall knelt to pray and sent encouragement to his opponent after the match. The 36-year-old boxer said: “I have a lot of respect for Chris. He’s the top fighter. Chris was the first to beat me, in 2010, and scare me. He was also the first to beat Anderson. at the UFC while I was the last … What a crazy story before we met today I want to play well, but now feel very bad. I hope Chris will be fine. He and his family are healthy. “

Weidman rolled his face and rolled in pain after a broken leg.

Weidman rolled his face and rolled in pain after a broken leg.

Eight years ago, at UFC 168, Weidman himself had a footrest similar to Hall that caused legend Anderson Silva to break his left leg. Witnessing this gruesome accident, the former UFC midsize champion sent a question to his old opponent.

“Keep your faith, I wish you a quick recovery. In this moment, I wish you and your family all the best, love and calm down. To fans, respect the warrior’s moment. This is extraordinary, and we wish him a 100% recovery soon. God bless you and your family, Chris Weidman, “Anderson Silva wrote on Instagram.

UFC President said, Weidman has stabilized and underwent successful surgery on the morning of April 25, US time.

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