Mrs. Jill Biden – the wife of the new US President – used to run a full marathon (42,195km) with a record of 4 hours 30 minutes 32 seconds.

Regardless of her age, workload and life, Jill has been jogging steadily for the past 30 years.  Photo: Runners World

Regardless of her age, workload and life, Jill has been jogging steadily for the past 30 years. Image: Runners World

“In the early 1990s, I had a few friends with breast cancer. One of them passed away. I think I need to do something about it. Can’t just sit still,” Jill said of the chance to run when he returned. interview Runner’s World in 2010.

From such a goal, Ms. Jill joined her husband Joe Biden in Susan G. Koman and organized the “Race for the Cure” race to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention in the early 1990s. The honorary president of the tournament, Jill and Joe, not only went for the run, but also invited former breast cancer winners to the couple’s home to chat before the match. She and Joe look forward to such meetings.

And as he gave the order to start and get out of the way for the “Race for the Cure” athletes, Jill felt inspired by an indescribable excitement. “I’m going to start jogging,” she set out.

In the early sessions, Jill only practiced around her neighborhood in Delaware, with only about 0.5 kilometers per mile. Then just like that, she gradually improved her achievements.

Jogging gives Jill a sense of freedom. Instead of practicing indoors, the first lady prefers to enjoy the outdoors. “I was satisfied, so I kept running. When I first ran, I was about 40 years old. I practiced very well. Even though life was a distraction at times, I always ended up going back to the sport,” Jill said. .

Like many runners, Jill Biden loves running tournaments. However, she mostly registers to run distances of 5km, 10km or 21km. Most of them are charity runs, supporting cancer patients. The only time Jill ran a full marathon (42,195 km) was at the Marine Corps Marathon in 1998. The doctor of education then completed it in 4 hours 30 minutes 32 seconds. This is also the achievement goal she set before the race.

“When I finished, I felt I could still run more. Adrenaline filled my body. I must say that this is one of the highlights in my life,” Jill did not hide pride in his record in full marathon.

A typical training session, Jill will wear black pants and a T-shirt, not specialized training equipment. She picked up Bruce Springsteen’s music and ran about 8km at a pace from 5 minutes 30 seconds to 6 minutes 30 seconds per kilometer. The First Lady of America maintains practice five days a week. However, with her husband campaigning for the election, Jill gradually became busy and sometimes failed to fulfill his goals. At one point she was content with her treadmill session wherever she was – maybe in another city, in another country.

Jogging gives Mrs. Jill positive energy.  Photo:

Jogging gives Mrs. Jill positive energy. Image:

For Jill, running helps her balance her life, giving her a sense of calm whenever she falls into the run. “I run away to beat anyone or achieve anything. I do it because I like it. I run for myself,” she said.

Since becoming the vice president’s wife in 2009, Jill has had to get used to having agents running with him at every training session. Although she liked to run alone, Jill knew she had to cooperate in order for them to get things done. An agent will run ahead, one will run behind her. “They are all runners, very strong and good run,” Jill Biden boasted.

PhDs of education also find running buddies from the staff they work with. When moving to different cities, they will arrange a time to go outside and get some exercise.

Joe Biden, by contrast, rarely accompanies his wife in training sessions. He practices a lot but enjoys other sports like rugby. Like parents, Jill and Joe Biden’s children also love sports. Jill’s sons, daughter and two daughters-in-law are triathletes.

“Jogging is a very important part of my life. I always try to prioritize my time. My office knows running is at the top of my job portfolio,” she said.

As an English professor, PhD in education, Jill Biden wants to choose a lifestyle that inspires many girls. The First Lady of America will continue to work while taking over at the White House. She also did not give up the practice habit for the past 30 years.

Jill Biden's love for running

“She will truly be the first lady of the 21st century,” said Katherine Jellison, a professor at Ohio University, who specializes in studies of America’s First Lady.

“What makes Americans proud of the First Lady is that she can reflect their life and their values,” Jill said. “She is able to accommodate the interests and concerns of today’s American women, mothers, wives, workers and tries to balance all three roles.”

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