PolandTiffany Porter could become the first athlete to win an international title by wearing a mask to compete in the European Indoor Athletics Championship.

On March 6, in Torun, Poland, Porter was the only athlete wearing a mask during the competition. The 33-year-old mother ran a 60m hurdle, and passed the semi-finals with a time of 8.04 seconds in the competition that she herself judged as poor.

Porter has played for the UK indoor track and field team, but has been a pharmacist in Michigan, USA since 2012, and has worked at the forefront of the local fight against Covid-19. She used to wear a mask constantly every day, so it was not a big deal in the game.

Porter sees wearing a mask as a way to protect himself and does not intend to preach or propagate to anyone. “It is my personal decision. During daily practice, when I go to the pharmacy, whenever I’m not in the house, I wear a mask,” she wrote on Instagram.

Porter (left) in the 60m semi-finals in Torun, Poland on February 6.  Photo: EPA

Porter (left) in the 60m semi-finals in Torun, Poland on February 6. Image: EPA

Porter was given two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, but still sees wearing a mask as a good precaution. “I’m more comfortable taking extra precautions, even if it’s not necessary, and that needs to be respected. I don’t judge others on their decisions, or how they react to face-to-face. With pandemic, “the athlete explained when asked about how she could cause controversy when wearing a competition mask.

Porter won many medals and reached the Olympic final. Female pharmacists work an average of 22 hours per week. In addition, she is also a real estate investor and a landlord. Porter used to join the girls’ association with US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Five years after most recently winning a medal in England, Porter is eager for this comeback. If you win the final competition of 60m content today, her image could spread widely thanks to the decision to wear a mask. She herself also aspires to win for simple sports reasons. Porter’s biggest opponent in the final on March 7 is Dutch athlete Nadine Visser. “I didn’t practice to finish second,” she said. Porter’s best record in seven years at 60 yards is 7.89 seconds.

Porter gave birth to a daughter Chidera in July 2019, after several miscarriages. That was the driving force of the competition, the reason she was both an athlete and a pharmacist. She wanted to mention this because “a lot of people don’t talk about loss, pain, disappointment and sadness” after experiencing such experiences. But she spoke up so that people in similar circumstances wouldn’t feel lonely.

“I want her to see that I can come back after giving birth and do amazing things. Hope my journey proves that. I love sports, and it’s a big part of my life.” Also, I really enjoy being a pharmacist, my colleagues asked me why, because I don’t need to do it for money. in many ways in life, “says Porter.

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