This week, golfer Callum Shinkwin attends the Golf in Dubai Championship in the European arena with two drivers in a set of “work tools”.

Like all professional tournament systems, the European Tour requires a set of clubs to play no more than 14 trees. Shinkwin abides by this rule, but is completely different from most of his peers. Instead of one driver, he used two trees.

The English player’s club set at the Dubai stage also has a 3 wood and three wedges – a close-range ball-handling technique of different heights.

Shinkwin's Club Set at Golf in Dubai Championship.

Shinkwin’s Club Set at Golf in Dubai Championship. Image: European Tour

This club structure is similar to that of Phil Mickelson in the 2006 PGA Tour win over BellSouth Classic. Last year, Mickelson also used two drivers from Callaway – her gut partner while competing at Memorial.

Shinkwin’s drivers are also Callaway but differ in club length and height, with a tree 48 inches long – the maximum according to golf rules. Bryson DeChambeau – PGA Tour long-range master also just stopped at the test of such a long driver.

Shinkwin’s club layout is initially effective. He was second in average tee shots, reaching 328.5 yards during the opening round of Golf in Dubai Championship on December 2. In this round, he hit 68 sticks, T28 stood at -4 in the contest for a prize fund of 1.2 million USD. Team player Eddie Pepperell gave a positive comment about Shinkwin’s unusual club structure.

“He’s 30 yards ahead of me with the short roll driver. The longer tree is 50 yards farther,” Pepperell commented on Twitter.

In early November, Shinkwin won the European Tour for the first time, at the Cyprus Open, but with a single driver club set. Then, he replaced the iron number 3 with the second driver.

Shinkwin has been professional since 2013, after winning the English Amateur. You are ranked 142nd in the world. This European Tour season, the player born in 1993 ranks 14th in terms of tee distance – close to 316 yards with 50% accuracy, a standard 70% green rate and almost 30 shots per round.

Quoc Huy (According to Golf Channel)

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