Vu Dinh Hong (Hanoi) spends 12 hours on weekends completing 5 laps around West Lake, equivalent to a distance of 75 km.

To make runners more meaningful, VnExpress organized a free virtual run tournament towards the West. Running per kilometer, runner has contributed 1,000 VND to the fund against saline drought.

Running lovers can learn about and participate here.

At 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 2020, Vu Dinh Hong was at West Lake. He raised 4 fingers to signal to his partner, implying that he has 4 days left to complete the 777 km goal in the virtual run “Brave Danang”. At that time he was still missing a hundred kilometers.

The number 777 makes a lot of sense because it is exactly the same distance from Hanoi to her hometown Da Nang, where his wife and two children live. At that time, Da Nang had a Covid-19 outbreak.

Worried about his family but unable to go home, he spent all of his time after work grinding heels in West Lake during the 21-day tournament. The 48-year-old Runner looks forward to this difficult time passing quickly to meet the children. In the last four days, he planned to complete three rounds of lakes each day, but that day it was already 75 kilometers.

He completed each round of the lake (15 km) in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the speed of more than 6 minutes / km. On the way he replenishes milk, water, and energy electrolytes. After 2 rounds of runner rest, snack once to recover. “The last round is always the hardest because it’s tired and late at night,” he said.

The last day of the tournament, Vu Dinh Hong ran until 21 pm, completed exactly 777 km.

Many people in West Lake used to meet Vu Dinh Hong because he saw him running every day.  Photo: NVCC.

Many people in West Lake used to meet Vu Dinh Hong because they saw him running every day. Photo: NVCC.

Topping “Brave Da Nang” for him is just a milestone, the new run has brought many indescribable emotions. “Near the end of the tournament, the more I ran to blisters and had to bandage after each break. But I still did not stop. I think it is a memory that this life only meets once,” said Vu Dinh Hong. shall.

After this award, the director also took first place in the award “Thuong to the Central” with a record of 841 km in 21 days. By the end of 2020, Vu Dinh Hong runs 1,900 km, topping the ranking of V-Race virtual run chain of VnExpress.

To make his efforts more meaningful, Mr. Hong then donated 114 million VND to HOPE fund to overcome the consequences of floods and Covid-19 in Da Nang, Quang Nam.

The 48-year-old director runs 5 laps of West Lake during the day

Video Vu Dinh Hong runs in West Lake in an afternoon of September 2020. Source: NVCC.

Many people run dozens, even over 100 km to challenge themselves. And Vu Dinh Hong does it weekly in the last months of 2020 as a habit. The distance of 4.5 circles of West Lake was continuously repeated by him.

Good record for running a 48-year-old song runner marathon who has never attended any movement tournament. He shared: “If we run fast, we will not be as good as the young ones, but if we run fast, we must ask for defeat”. He believes that happiness, health and spirit are the biggest rewards he has achieved.

“No need to play against anyone, to overcome myself is important. I feel my youth return through each step, like an hourglass flowing backwards,” Vu Dinh Hong said.

The 48-year-old Runner is the director of 2 companies with annual revenue of trillion.  Photo: NVCC.

The 48-year-old Runner is the director of 2 companies with annual revenue of trillion. Image: NVCC.

When he was young, he always thought that running 10 or 21 km was very far away, only for professional athletes. Only when, having health problems, does the director follow a friend’s advice to go jogging. Gout quite early with uric acid index always above 500, he reached the level of normal after just one year.

Besides physical, mental also going up. Subordinates who have worked with for many years commented “my boss is more open and comfortable since running”. Together with active colleagues and friends, he has many weekends without a break, running under the sun in West Lake, Ha Long, Hoa Binh.

Vu Dinh Hong (gray shirt - middle) with staff in the company.  Photo: NVCC.

Vu Dinh Hong (gray shirt – middle) with staff in the company. Image: NVCC.

Jogging makes Vu Dinh Hong’s life more lively. He brought a lot of his subordinates to this sport. Just joining, each person is supported tens of millions of dong to buy and run clothes. The highest prize for a running event of the company up to 10,000 USD (about 230 million VND).

Looking back over the past year run, he said: “The reward is only for those who go through the difficult period at first. Health is the tip that everyone can see, but the spirit is optimistic. “Helping me get through a lot of pressure is the ultimate value,” he said and put his shoes in the closet.

Thanh Duong

V-Race virtual running platform is opening free tournament registration towards the West. Completing each kilometer on the V-Race virtual platform, runner will contribute 1,000 VND to the anti-climate change program.

At the same time, each runner registered for the tournament corresponding to a green tree (worth 100,000 VND) planted in the West and some southern provinces from the sponsorship of the Southern Power Corporation.

After 2 days of opening the gate, 2,500 people signed up for free. The runner can learn and register to run here.

In addition, the offlline tournaments of VnExpress Marathon this year in Quy Nhon, Ha Long, Nha Trang and Hanoi are also being opened for sale.

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