Dillian Whyte regretted exchanging pants worth more than 2000 USD for defeating champions after knocking out Alexander Povetkin won the heavy WBC belt on March 27.

Whyte swapped pants with Povetkin after the match

Whyte swapped pants with a member of the Povetkin team and showed their friendship after the match.

After the match at Gibraltar, Whyte switched the shorts he wore while playing against Alexander Povetkin. But British boxers expressed regret with this decision.

“My pants were very expensive, worth more than $ 2,000. While Alexander Povetkin’s pants didn’t seem to be worth it,” Whyte said. Sky Sports March 30.

In the match on March 27, Whyte overwhelmed and knocked out the opponent with a left hook in the fourth half. Povetkin could still get up, but the referee judged that the Russian man could not continue playing. Whyte was won with a technical knock-out and successfully reclaimed the heavyweight WBC belt to lose in the defeat to Povetkin in August 2020.

Whyte, however, still expressed dissatisfaction when the match organizer gave him the old WBC belt. British boxers demanded to receive a special version belt made of diamonds. “This is not a diamond belt, which we are fighting for. They changed the belt, this is the old WBC belt,” said the British boxer.

According to the The Sun, the diamond WBC belt Whyte mentioned is still held by Povetkin, or by the World Boxing Council (WBC). Previously, WBC called this belt an “honorary championship”.

“In 2009, WBC created a new diamond championship belt. This belt was created as an honorary title exclusively for the winner of the historic match between two elite boxers. This diamond belt was given to Manny Pacquiao in November 2009, when Filipino boxers won their sixth world championship, in five different weight categories, following a technical knock-out win over Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas ” , The Sun quote from WBC.

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