The BaDen Mountain Marathon 2021 race held in Tay Ninh to spread the spirit of responsible tourism and environmental protection, took place on April 24-25.

Sun World BaDen Mountain Tourist Area Square is the venue for the 2021 BaDen Mountain Marathon. With the theme “Green Step”, the run was organized by the Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism of Tay Ninh province, Sun World BaDen Mountain (belonging to Sun Group) sponsored and co-organized. This is the first amateur run of Tay Ninh province, for all domestic subjects, aiming to celebrate the 46th anniversary of the liberation of the South.

Athletes will participate in four ranges of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 5 km. Starting from the square of Sun World BaDen Mountain (Ba Den mountain, Tay Ninh), taking “the roof of the South” as the center, the running tracks will go around and along the slopes, bringing the athletes in. a journey to experience magnificent natural sceneries, green, across peaceful roads. The runners will advance to the center of the province and then back to the foot of the mountain to finish. There are water, electrolyte, fruit and medical stations on the roads.

BaDen Mountain Marathon 2021's track runs through an area of ​​high vegetation.  Photo: Sun World BaDen Mountain.

The running track of BaDen Mountain Marathon 2021 will circle and follow the side of the mountain. Image: Sun World BaDen Mountain.

Representatives of the organizers said that BaDen Mountain Marathon 2021 aims to become a sport activity, to explore and raise awareness of people about exercise, improve health, and evoke the spirit of endurance. In addition, the race also spreads the spirit of responsible tourism, green tourism and environmental protection.

With the theme “Green Run”, the prize calls on the community to join hands in preserving nature and the environment through specific actions such as not littering, planting trees and responsible tourism. This contributes to preserving and beautifying the destination, building and promoting a green – clean – beautiful Tay Ninh tourism image in the eyes of visitors.

After the first round of ticket sales, the BaDen Mountain Marathon 2021 race has attracted more than 1,200 subscribers, including professional athletes, semi-professional athletes and runners across the country. The award structure includes 25 prizes with a total cash value of 120 million VND. Awards are organized by distance and by age group.

Notably, the race also has the appearance of Thanh Vu – an athlete who has conquered the four deserts, Do Trong Nhon – champion of Vietnam Jungle Marathon 2019. Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai is also an athlete of this tournament. He said he would bring a milk cart from Vung Tau people to give to poor students in Tay Ninh province.

The cable car route to the Sun World BaDen Mountain resort.  Photo: Sun World BaDen Mountain.

The cable car route to the Sun World BaDen Mountain resort. Image: Sun World BaDen Mountain.

Along with physical training, the organizers hope that the BaDen Mountain Marathon 2021 will be an opportunity for visitors and athletes to admire the beauty of Ba Den Mountain, enjoy rich cuisine and explore more. cave. Mount Ba Den is a famous spiritual tourist destination with the Buddha statue Tay Bon Da Son – the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Asia, Linh Son Thanh Mau statue at Ba Pagoda system … Participants also Get up to 30% discount on cable car tickets from Sun World BaDen Mountain.

Xiao Gu

In the framework of the race, from March 12-28, the organizers launched the challenge “Green Step” to spread the theme message. Accordingly, each participant of the challenge will take a photo or record a short clip, record their daily running moments in green places and share them publicly on Facebook with their hashtag #Buocchayxanh. #BaDenMountainMarathon # BDMM2021, also invited five friends to join the challenge. Five participants with the most interactive video or photo shoot will receive the running Bib and the Sun World BaDen Mountain cable car voucher.

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