The 1-kilometer runway of the young runner at VnExpress Marathon Hue comes from the middle of Doan Thi Diem Street, the finish line is located in Ngo Mon Square.

Nguyen Van Troi Park – located in the middle of Doan Thi Diem Street (along the left bank of Dai Noi) – is the starting point of the 1-kilometer runway for runners from 6 to 10 years old, on December 26. This road is famous for many green trees, wide spreading canopy, called “Phuong bay” by Hue people – appeared in the music. Soul raing of the late musician Trinh Cong Son: “The road of phoenix flies with no entrance. The rows of green trees are close together …”.

End of Doan Thi Diem street, the kids turn right on Hai Ba Thang Tam Street, the finish line is located in Ngo Mon Square. On the run, the child runner goes through four obstacles suitable to the child’s health condition.

green line.

One kilometer long track (green line) suitable for 6-10 year olds.

From 6:30 a.m. on December 26, parents took the baby to the check-in area at Nguyen Van Troi park, then moved to Ngo Mon Square to pick up the child after the baby finished the race. The organizers are equipped with water-filling points, with dozens of volunteers, personnel, security guards … monitoring your baby’s every step. Doctors and nurses are available to assist the child.

Participating in this free race, each child runner will receive a race kit including bib, shirt, hat and receive medal, Finisher item at the end of Kun Marathon Hue 2020. Parents can register their child to join here. .

The baby run contest took place in the morning of December 26.

Map of each area in the race for children on December 26.

Kun Marathon Hue 2020 running track – side activities at VnExpress Hue Hue 2020 – is one kilometer long, scheduled to take place at 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Accompanying the running track for children in Hue is Lif Kun brand. Previously, VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon (July 26) and Marathon Hanoi 2020 (November 28) also organized a free run for child runners. The event attracted a large number of participating families with many impressive moments.

After the baby’s run, Hue VnExpress Marathon 2020 took place on December 27. Here, 4,000 runners run through many monuments, mausoleums and tree-shaded roads such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Dai Noi, Phu Van Lau, Truong Tien Bridge, Quoc Hoc School … athletes and families also have can combine sightseeing, shopping and experience cuisine, culture of the ancient capital.

VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020 run by VnExpress coordinated with the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue province to organize on December 27, with the desire to open a healthy playground for sports lovers, especially jogging. Readers can quickly update information about the tournament via VnExpress Marathon Hue.

Refer to the road, running details here. Accompanying the prize was Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank).

Hieu Chau

Announcing the 1 km route for the baby in Hue

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