Justin Thomas’s throw in the penultimate round of the Scottish Open on July 19 turned into a beautiful work through video from the Golf Channel.

Thomas dropped his tools on the 10th, par5 hole.

At that time, he used a 3 wooden for his second shot from the fairway. He let go of his hand at the end of the swing, and the club was still spinning forward by inertia. It almost moved in the plane of the previous swing, making Thomas’ throw in frustration unique again.

Justin Thomas throws art stick gậy

“With Justin Thomas, I think the probability of this shot is at 1 in 1,000,000”, MC Shane Bacon of Golf Channel comments during the live broadcast.

The clubface is beveled at the head, so the ball only flies on the ground and then enters the bunker about 100 yards from the “master”. After this incident, Thomas locked the bogey pit.

Events posted on Bacon Twitter personal. After 17 hours of appearance, the video attracted 538,500 views, 16,000 likes, 700 shares, including Thomas.

“Never thought it would be nice to bevel the head of the No. 3 club like that after waiting for the green to die. At the end of the round, I went to the practice area to practice this shot,” Thomas wrote on Twitter with Bacon’s video separately.

After 54 holes of the Scottish Open, Thomas was in T17 with a score of -9. In theory, he still has a chance to compete for the championship because he is five strokes behind the top of the table. First place – T1 includes Thomas Detry and Matt Fitzpatrick.

Prize in the Rolex Series group of the European Tour, with a prize fund of eight million USD. The organizers are allowed to welcome up to 4,000 spectators per day. In the second round, a drunk fan suddenly took Rory McIlroy’s bat and entered a draft position as if he was about to launch the ball.

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