Mr. Vo Van Xy started jogging in 1983 and since then has made himself a habit of daily practice.

In the last days of the year, the intensifying cold air made Da Nang rain more than the sun. Under the drizzling rain, everyday people still see the image of an old man with a thin look, with dark skin running hard. That is Mr. Vo Van Xy, the runner born in 1959 spent more than half of his life sticking to this persistent sport.

Past the age of sixteen, Mr. Xy still left the impression of perseverance, not giving up spirit. Notably, at VnExpress Quy Nhon 2020 that took place at the end of July, the image of the “old man” with his head wearing a hat, shoes behind his back, his legs wearing tattered socks running 42 km made Mr. Xy more famous. Social Network. “People who read the newspaper know I also encouraged a lot. Some people admire because at this age I still have the strength to complete a full marathon,” he said.

64-year-old Runner spends 37 years running

Vo Van Xy on VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020.

On the track, Mr. Xy knew for sure he would finish, just how long it would take because the weather was hot that day. When he started, he wore shoes like many other athletes. Since there was a hump in his leg, he had to cut a hole in the shoe. However, because of the pain, after only a few kilometers, the runner born in 1959 removed his shoes, walked behind his back and continued to work hard with torn socks.

“Normally I run like that. Without shoes, I feel more comfortable and confident,” said Mr. Xy. “My friends cheered when I saw me. They were part of the driving force that helped me get to that day.”

Impressed with the “miracle” of Mr. Xy, one of the sponsors of the tournament is Nike – ACFC has presented runner Nike Air Zoom Pegasus shoes with the wish that he would re-establish the achievement in many other awards.

64 year old Runner spends 37 years running - 2

Runner finishes after 6 hours 24 minutes.

Jogging with runner from Da Nang is not only about improving health and also passion. Few people know that he started taking part in athletics since the 1980s. During one of his participation in the movement of the 29/3 Textile Enterprise, Mr. Xy discovered he was suitable for speed sports. More than 37 years later, rain or shine, he tries to set aside a certain amount of time to practice. “Every day I can’t go out on the street, I feel irritable, uncomfortable, and I don’t sleep well,” he said.

In his home, he was like a “museum” about the marathon. These are photos, shirts, medals, and in particular the shirt has collected 40 to 50 pieces of awards. The children in the house often took out to play, sometimes he took them home as souvenirs because there was no place to hang at home.

All these years into speed sport, the thing Mr. Xy is happiest about is his health going up. He was not ill, rarely touched on medicine, and especially never had to be hospitalized once. Friends and relatives felt that he was getting better, so he not only did not stop but also supported him. “Old age, sometimes I also have to pay attention to health. A few months participating in a tournament is possible,” he said.

64 year old Runner spends 37 years jogging - 4

Although very tired, Mr. Xy always smiles when he sees the camera.

At the age of 62, many people have rested, enjoyed their old age or turned to light sports such as chess, table tennis, Mr. Xy is still a familiar face of movement sports tournaments. In the next few days, the runner will join thousands of other athletes, participating at a distance of 21 km at Hue VnExpress Marathon. This is the running track Mr. Xy has successfully conquered at the first marathon held in Hue. “Back this time I am somewhat old, but still very energetic,” he said with a laugh.

This veteran runner carry’s luggage is 2 pairs of shoes. One has been familiar with him for many years and the other is a new pair of shoes donated by Nike sponsor – ACFC. He planned to complete 21 kilometers in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

In recent weeks, Mr. Xy has been practicing regularly for the tournament, eating and sleeping on time and preparing to move to Hue 2 days before the race. He did not see himself as an example for others to learn. But if I could inspire people to go jogging, “I’ll run until my health doesn’t,” he said.

Thanh Duong

Athletes attending VnExpress Marathon Hue will immediately receive a 20% discount on the latest running products from the Nike sponsor.

Promotion period is from November 26 to December 31, 2020. To receive the offer, athlete brings a confirmation email from the organizers and reads the code NIKE-HUE20 at checkout.

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