The five-year-old girl instructs three-year-old students to close holes in a manner that is no less proficient than adults.

The “training” session was filmed at the Michelle Holmes golf center in Chesapeake, Virginia.

“Oh, I have to watch this lovely scene every day. I think this is the cutest moment of 2020,” Michelle Holmes wrote commentary with the video above. Twitter.

The 5-year-old teacher practiced putting the ball for a 3-year-old student

During the putt session, the teacher, a 5-year-old girl, gently adjusted the three-year-old student’s left foot. The practitioner’s ankles are aligned, but the left foot is not good.

“Wait, that foot has to move up a bit,” the teacher said, pointing to the toe of the student’s shoe and comparing its correct position on the green. Then she had a cramped body, placing her elbows to demonstrate the “factor of alignment”.

“See, are the toes and feet equal to your arms? Are they touching?” She asked.

“Not yet,” the game replied.

“Well, because I haven’t touched, so I have to move that leg up, right here,” she said, and the students did.

Finished position, she moved to the stick

“See the black line?”, She mentioned the standard alignment line on the top of the putter.

“Yes, you see”, the game replied.

Next, she twisted the putter’s head slightly so that it was perpendicular to the ball. While she did, she turned her head differently because something caught her eye. She then stood up and helped the game resolve the annoyance.

To the part of the move. “Here’s what to do. Like this, then keep the finishing position,” she said, modeling.

But he let out a loud sigh and swung his right hand in annoyance.

“Don’t forget to keep the head part still. Can you see my head moving?”, She added. She continued to model and the game turned away. So she let go of the stick and found that the putter of the game was out of standard.

“You messed up putt,” she muttered.

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