Winnie Wheeler completed the entire 70km Lantau Trail with many slopes and trails, with a peak of nearly 1,000 meters high, to raise money for charity.

Wheeler on the way to conquer Lantau Peak.

Wheeler on the way to conquer Lantau Peak.

Follow South China Morning PostWheeler began its journey in January and ended in February. This 5-year-old girl walks the entire 70km of the Lantau Trail, despite countless slopes and long distances – seemingly insurmountable challenges for immature legs.

“It’s fun to walk, even though I’m a bit tired. Mount Lantau is the hardest of the whole road, because there are three mountains and lots of stairs. My feet are very tired. The picnic is great when it comes to the top. I learn how to keep moving forward when difficult and tired, because if I reach the top, the scenery is beautiful. Lollipops, bread give me a lot of energy “, said the little girl.

Before taking the challenge, Wheeler shared her journey, and asked interested people to contribute to the ImpactHK Foundation – a charity for the homeless in Hong Kong.

“Hi! I’m Winnie, 5 years old. I plan to conquer the Lantau Trail to raise funds for the homeless in Hong Kong. ImpactHK provides them with food, shelter, education and opportunities. The Lantau Trail surrounding where I live, Lantau Island, is 70km long with lots of ups and downs. “Lantau Trail is divided into 12 sections. The journey will be very hard, but I will try my best and not give up,” she wrote.

At the end of the journey, Wheeler raised more than HK $ 25,000 and visited the ImpactHK shelters. “It’s great to help everyone. I’m amazed at how much money everyone has contributed. I’m lucky to have a roof and ImpactHK keeps the homeless from sleeping outside and getting food.” The child athlete added.

Wheeler claims the journey to conquer Lantau Trail helps her to have more lessons about the will to overcome difficulties.  Photo: Handout

Wheeler claims the journey to conquer Lantau Trail helps her to have more lessons about the will to overcome difficulties. Image: Handout

Wheeler often goes hiking with his father, sister and cousin. Grandpa was the one who suggested Wheeler should do something to raise money for charity. “It was fun to go out in nature and explore. My friends also came and accompanied me in the end. That was great. After we finished, we ate cake together,” said the 5-year-old girl.

Lantau Trail opened in 1984 is a hiking trail on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. This trail is 70km long and winding around the island, starting from Mui Wo and ending in Mui Wo. This is the third longest trail in Hong Kong, after the MacLehose Trail and Wilson Trail. This road has two sections which are considered to be very difficult to travel, that is the section moving from South Shan to Pak Kung Au and to Ngong Ping 360, and the second is the section from Tai O to Kau Ling Chung. This is the peak of the mountain spear-shaped, steep.

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