Winning the Canary Islands Championship of the European Tour on May 9, Garrick Higgo reached the “record” as Woods in the PGA Tour.

Higgo won three European Tour titles in just half a year.  Photo: PA

Higgo won three European Tour titles in just half a year. Image: PA

Since 1990, only Woods has won three championships across 20 events – fastest PGA Tour or European Tour. But last Sunday, Higgo competed with “Super Tiger” in this achievement.

That day, the South African golfer won at -27 with a six-stroke final gap against runner-up Maverick Antcliff at the Canary Islands Championship in Spain.

In the last round alone, Higgo scored two bogeys, seven birdies and a hole-in-one in the 64-stroke scoreboard on par71. Particularly the ace occurred in hole 7, after he used the No.9 iron, 166 yards from target.

Garrick Higgo hole-in-one in the last 7 holes of the Canary Islands Championship

Higgo hole-in-one in hole 7.

Higgo was on par with Woods in the number of events to win three titles, but it was quicker if he was timed. The PGA Tour 1992-1996 recorded Woods winning twice over 19 events, both of which were in 1996 – the first year he entered professionally. He won his third championship on January 12, 1997, at the Mercedes Championship. At that time, Woods had just turned 21.

Two weeks before the Canary Islands Championship, Higgo finished first in the Gran Canaria Open – the second title in the European Tour. He was crowned for the first time in September 2020, at the Open de Portugal.

“I determined to practice hard, reviewing every technical detail to select the effective factors, not because of poor performance but to find new ones. I believe that I will progress through this method,” Higgo said of own way of striving.

Higgo was born in 1999, has been in professional golf for nearly 18 months and belongs to the “lefty group” – the main force in his left hand when swinging. After the Canary Islands Championship, he jumped 15 steps, to No. 51 in the world (OWGR table).

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