Champion Thach Kim Tuan is the Vietnamese athlete who has the most hopes of winning a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, but on the condition that he competes to the best of his ability.

Weightlifting has always been Vietnam’s biggest hope at the Olympics, with two of five medals in the past. Those are Hoang Anh Tuan’s silver medal in Beijing 2008 and Tran Le Quoc Toan’s bronze medal in London 2012, both in the men’s 56kg event. Thach Kim Tuan also started his career in this weight class, and was a world champion in 2017. But, because the International Weightlifting Federation IWF removed this weight class and replaced it with 55kg, Kim Tuan decided to move to the next weight class. according to 61kg from the 2018 world tournament.

Kim Tuan qualified for the Tokyo 2021 qualifiers with third place, behind Li Fabin (Li Phat Bin) and Eko Yuli Irawan. Li holds the world record for the 145 kg lift and 318 kg total lift, while Irawan holds the 174 kg pushlift world record. Irawan reached his total weightlifting goal of 325 kg in Tokyo, and Li is also expected to set a new record. These two elections are expected to contest the gold medal, while the bronze medal will belong to Kim Tuan if the original Binh Thuan province maintains its recent performance.

Thach Kim Tuan is the great expectation of Vietnamese sports at the Tokyo Olympics, as long as he regains his form before Covid-19.  Photo: Pham Duong

Thach Kim Tuan is the great expectation of Vietnamese sports at the Tokyo Olympics, as long as he regains his form before Covid-19. Image: Pham Duong

Kim Tuan disappointed at the Asian Championships in April 2021 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, when he failed to win the general election. He lifted 128 kg of jerky, lower than the previous five jerks. In the content of pushing, Kim Tuan twice dropped the weight at 15 1kg, and once at 152 kg. This is a defeat for the 27-year-old man when he lifted at least 160 kg in the previous six pushups.

Kim Tuan’s biggest competitor for the bronze medal is Yoichi Itokazu. It was the Japanese election that took advantage of Kim Tuan’s mistake to win the Asian bronze medal with a total weight of 285 kg. In the last five races, Itokazu averaged 293 kg.

Kim Tuan will also have to be wary of Shota Mishvelidze. The Georgian champion achieved a record of 290 kg in the last time, to finish second at the European Championship in April 2021. European champion Stilyan Grozdev did not attend the Olympics because he was not selected by Bulgaria. Unlike other cities, Mishvelidze made great progress after the Covid-19 period, increasing her achievement from 266 kg to 290 kg. It cannot be ruled out that the performance of the Georgian election will also improve in Tokyo.

Kim Tuan will have a great chance to win a bronze medal if he achieves 300 kg or more, although in his career he has only surpassed this milestone once, at the 2019 SEA Games. A safe option of 295 kg can also be enough to win the medal. chapter, if there are no surprises from rivals. Excluding the defeat in Tashkent, Kim Tuan achieved an average of 297 kg in the last five races. But, those results took place before the outbreak of Covid-19, and Vietnamese voters will have to find their former form.

Kim Tuan will compete on July 25, at the Tokyo International Convention Center. The voters competed in the recoil first, then the push. Each event consists of three lifts, lifting from low weights to high. General election results of jerking plus push, to consider medals.

*General election performance in the men’s 61kg category of the top 6 candidates for the 2021 Olympics, ranked by the average of the last five elections

TT Name Year old nationality Latest results TB last five times Personal record
first Li Fabin 28 China 312 306 318 KLTG
2 Irawan Eko 32 Indonesia 310 304 317
3 Kim Tuan 27 Vietnam 0 297 304
4 Itokazu 30 Japan 285 293 302
5 Baru Morea thirty first Papua New Guinea 280 282 290


27 Georgia 290 279 299

Vietnam weightlifting in Tokyo 2021 and Hoang Thi Duyen to compete in the women’s 59kg event. In this weight class, Taiwan’s Kuo Hsing-chun has almost no rival. Hoang Thi Duyen will compete with equally qualified rivals Mikiko Andoh, Alexandra Escobar and Yusleidy Figueroa for the remaining two medals. The chance for Duyen to win a silver medal is higher than that of Thach Kim Tuan.

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