According to Pham Thuy Vi – former swimming master, players can still maintain their fitness thanks to complementary exercises on land when the swimming pool and gym are closed because of Covid-19.

Thinking about supplementary strength training for sports in general and swimming in particular, most players have in mind that they will have to practice with the heaviest possible level, practice with heavy weights or high ropes. su with the heaviest resistance, the most repetitions, the fastest…. But according to Pham Thuy Vi – assistant coach of the Singapore youth swimming team and the club’s coach. BoiDapChay, This concept is completely wrong, especially for those who have not reached the level of maturity.

Heavy training can even get you to the doctor first, rather than being the first to hit the wall in your distance. Swimming requires technique, coordination and balance. “Many times, I tell my adult students that, at their level, it’s their body posture and technique that determine, not how strong they are. Why is a big person still strong? swimming lost to a slim girl, or a baby peeping,” coach Thuy Vi said.

Coach Pham Thuy Vi during the time with the Vietnamese triathlon team to attend the Sunset Bay Triathlon 2020. Photo: SBT

Coach Pham Thuy Vi during the time with the Vietnamese triathlon team to attend Sunset Bay Triathlon 2020 in Tuan Chau, Ha Long. Photo: SBT

When doing supplementary strength training, the most important thing players need to pay attention to is the posture. Keep the axis (spine) straight and firm, and at the same time slightly tighten the abdomen when performing the movements. Patience to practice at a light resistance level with correct movements and posture, then gradually increase to heavier levels. Or increase the difficulty by standing on half a ball (called a bosu ball) or standing on one leg so that the small, deep core muscles must also be activated.

The equipment needed for this exercise is a Stretch Cordz or similar (handheld or band or tube type), simple and lightweight. With it alone you can do all the flexibility, strength, and explosive power exercises you need for your swimming. If you want a lighter option, the Pilate Band is priced from 69,000 to 99,000 VND, depending on the weight, differentiated by color. Usually, you can choose a moderate weight.

Players can practice these two supplementary sessions per week, and not practice for two days in a row.


Every workout should start with a warm-up. This is the phase that prepares your body for the exercise you’re about to do, and helps prevent injury. For example, if you feel your shoulders are still stiff, spending a little more time focusing on flexibility training will help you get more benefits from shallow exercises and also reduce the risk of pain. shoulder.

Complete two sets of each move in this section. Take a short break between each nest to warm up. These can also be used for pre-swimming warm-ups or for injury prevention purposes.

Kneeling external rotation + press x 8 times on each side

Kneeling Ext Rot Press + Band

With this move, the player needs to keep the hips and lower body fixed, the elbows at shoulder height, the movement of pushing the hand straight up on the arm at the ear.

T-spine rotation + band x 8 times each side

T Spine Rotation + Band

This move is very useful for people with shoulder problems (pain, stiffness). But the practitioner needs to keep the knee position just below the hips, the hands are just below the shoulders and fix these angles when performing the movement. Keeping the rope and hands close to the body, elbows up toward the sky, paying attention to the range of motion of the back of the shoulder.

Ankle circles + band x 8 times each side

Ankle circles + band

Note to players in this card that they must rotate in both directions and with the largest amplitude possible.

Staggered RDL + band x 8 times each side

Staggered RDL + Band

The toe of the back foot should be almost directly behind the heel of the forefoot. Lower your center of gravity, always slightly bending the front knee and more in the back leg as you bend, always keeping your back straight, bend your hips slowly.

Overhead squat + band x 8 reps

Overhead Squat + Band

Players need to pull the shoulder blades together, arms straight behind ears, hands wider than shoulders. Squat (stand up and sit down) as deeply as possible with firm upper body alignment.

Starting and wall kicking, improved explosive power

After warming up, this is the best time to practice for the start and wall kicks when turning. These exercises help players develop explosive strength and maintain correct body posture when performing fast, intense movements. Players should perform this type of exercise right after the warm-up because that is when the body is not tired. Complete two sets of each movement, resting for two minutes between each set.

Streamline jumps + band x 5 times

Streamline jumps + band

With this movement, the right leg should be shoulder-width apart, the back is straight, and the arms are straight next to the ears. Squat – jump – land with a gentle and well-controlled squat.

Plank + spread + band x 10 times each side

Plank + spread + band

The back should be kept straight, the shoulder on the hand on the ground to keep firmly. Do not allow hips to rotate when pulling arms to legs on the same side.

I-raise + band x 10 times each side

I-raise + band

The practitioner must stand in a 1/4 squat position – knees slightly bent, keeping back straight. This position must be kept constant throughout the exercise, without rotating the hips, arms raised straight up to the ear. Except for the moving arm, the rest of the body remains still in this movement.

Upper body strength for arm pulls

Next is a squat to help develop the ability to pull water. The water pull in swimming requires a combination of large and small muscle groups working together for a common goal. Just any muscle group overload, will lead to shoulder pain and back pain. To handle this, players can use elastic bands to focus on those large and small muscle groups. Complete four sets of each movement, resting for two minutes in between sets.

Hinge elbow pull + band x 8 times each side

Hinge elbow pull + band

Players simulate catch – pull and push movements. Catch with the high elbow pressing the hand until the hand goes below the elbow. Body posture such as squat 1/4 , flexed hips and knees, back straight. Maintain this position throughout the exercise.

Bridge pullover + band x 8 times

Bridge pullover + band

Body posture must be kept fixed throughout the exercise, moving far – near to adjust the weight and light.

Plank wide pull + band x 8 times on each side

Plank wide pull + band

The hips need to be kept completely fixed when doing the movement, extend the legs to have a solid base, the hands are just below the shoulders.

Lower body strength for leg movements

The last part of the exercise focuses on the leg smash. Developing leg strength requires leg strength and joint stability.

Flutter kick + band x 30 seconds

Flutter kick + band

This move requires pressing your lower back to the floor and staying there. If the streamline arm movement prevents the player from keeping the waist on the floor, drop the hands to the ground next to the hips.

Overhead reverse lunge x 8 times on each side

Overhead reverse lunge

Players need to keep their arms straight outside their ears, keeping this position steady throughout the exercise.

Single-leg hip hinge + band x 8 times on each side

Single-leg hip hinge + band

Players note slow movements, good control, slightly bent knees.

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