With today’s busy life, online games are the way many people choose for entertainment. Accordingly, the online bookmakers are also appearing more and more to offer attractive betting games. In it, betting Tennis tennis Form of play is very hot now 12bet And in the scope of this article, we will guide you to read how to play at a reputable, safe and highly secure dealer. Invite you to follow along!

What is tennis tennis?

Before starting to bet Tennis tennisWe need to understand this subject better. Some knowledge must be mastered such as: game concepts, characteristics, rules, rules …

Tennis is a fighting game between 2 people or divided into teams, 2 people each team. The format of playing on the field is similar badminton. Will be divided into 2 parts and separated by a long net. Each court section is divided into 2 equal and symmetrical squares through the line and the ground to kick off at the bottom.

To start the game, the batting side will hit the ball with the racquet on the opposite side of the court. The batter must stand in the correct position, that is, between the center point and the vertical line.

Tennis Tennis & How to play Tennis betting online at 12bet

Tennis court

+ Features of tennis game

The tee shot will be valid when it falls on the diagonally marked square across the court. The opponent who sees the ball will be supported, hit the ball back to this side. The two sides will hit the ball back and forth like that until the team cannot support the score. Each match will have 3-5 matches (depending on the tournament).

For matches with 3 innings, the team that won the previous 2 matches will be counted as the overall winner. Similarly, for a match with 5 innings, only winning 3 previous innings does not need to play 2 more matches. Each round will be divided into 6 mini-games to determine winning and losing. The team that wins before 6 games and 2 games more than the opponent will be counted as winning that round. If the 2 teams have a score of 5 – 5, the round will continue until the winner is 2 games.

In each match-up game there will be a score of 0 – 15 – 30 – 40. If the two teams finish the game with a tie score of 40-40, the match will continue until the winner. 2 points difference. It can be said that the matches of equal talent and level are always stressful, dramatic and extremely attractive.

Outline of tennis court sizes

As a rule, standard tennis courts in competition will include: fences, lights, ground layers and match accessories. The pitch must be a flat, rectangular shape and the dimensions are as follows:

  • For single matches, the yard is 23.77m x 8.23m (long, wide).
  • For double matches, the yard should be 23.77 mx 10.97 m (long, wide).

The grid separating the field of the two teams will be stretched horizontally, parallel to the edge of the border. At the same time, the grid in the middle will have a height of 914mm, while on the two sides the column will be 1.07m.

The International Tennis Federation – ITF stipulates that Tennis court sizes will have the following sizes:

  • Large size: 40m x 20m (long, wide)
  • Standard size: 36.57mx 18.29m (long, wide)
  • Small size: 33.53mx 17.07m (long, wide)
  • In the residential area: 33.53mx 16.46m (long, wide)
Tennis Tennis & How to play Tennis betting online at 12bet

Tennis court of international standard

Basic rules of tennis tennis

Every game will have its own rules to ensure objectivity and fun that everyone must follow when participating. For new players, it is essential to learn the rules of tennis. Once you master the basics, you can find your own style and win.

1 / Regulations on selecting pitch and serve

In Tennis competition, before the start of the match, the money will be raised to decide the team to choose the pitch and serve. The winner will be entitled to choose the field or give it to the opponent.

2 / Law on Tennis serve

When serving, players must stand upright with 2 feet off the end of the court line. Then, toss the ball up and hit the opponent’s field. During this process, the server should remain in that position, and must not move. At the same time, it is forbidden to touch the baseline or vertical line. Only when the ball touches the opponent’s Tennis racket can the serve be finished. When playing Tennis, use only 1 hand to racket the ball.

Tennis Tennis & How to play Tennis betting online at 12bet

It is necessary to have a good understanding of the rules of tennis and tennis before betting

3 / Rules of playing tennis – Competition order

The server will stand on the right, then move to the left of his field. Each round of play then begins at the right position. The ball is valid when it flies across the net and into the opponent’s court at a cross from the standing position before the opponent’s response.

4 / Law of tennis game – Foul of serve

There are other special cases except for not complying with the rules of the serve rules. Failure to hit the ball when it has been bounced on or touched on fixed equipment on the field such as a net, post, … before it touches the ground is considered a foul. Or you accidentally kick the ball off the pitch will also be deducted.

5 / Tennis Competition Rules – The 2nd serve

If a foul is made on the first serve, the player who serves the second ball will remain in the same position. In case the referee or someone discovers a mistake in the old serve, there will be a change. And you will only be assigned one ball in that new position.

6 / Law of tennis game – Time to serve

When the opponent is ready to catch, the ball can be served. If the opponent shows the signal that he is not ready and still serves, the server is to blame.

7 / Rules of tennis game – The time to be served again

Re-serve will be offered three times

  • The first serve ball is defective
  • The opponent to catch the ball is not ready
  • The ball during serving is hit by the net, net or ribbon. Or touch the catcher before touching the ground.

The largest tennis tournament in the world

Tennis is becoming more and more popular and is gaining popularity among many people. To contribute to increasing the effect and attractiveness, a series of major tennis tournaments are held around the world with different scales. Including the following major tournaments:

  • Grand Slam – Australian Open
  • Grand Slam – Extensive Solution
  • Grand Slam – Wimbledon Prize
  • Grand Slam – American Open
  • ATP – World Tour Finals
  • ATP – World Tour Masters 1000
  • ATP – World Tour 500
  • ATP – World Tour 250
  • ATP – Challenger Tour
  • Davis Cup

How to play betting tennis tennis online 12bet

12Bet is famous Reputable betting house born and operated according to the law. The website respects privacy and ensures the confidentiality of customer information. So everyone is completely assured of all your information registered on 12Bet. The steps above are very simple, only need three steps to completely enjoy playing tennis online. That is:

Step 1: Sign in, register for an account

To be able to play Tennis Tennis betting on 12Bet homepage, each person needs to have their own account. Then you just need to log in by entering your username and password and you will be free to play tennis online. In case the newbie does not have an account to use, just click on the registration section.

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Tennis Tennis & How to play Tennis betting online at 12bet

Quick registration at 12Bet

Note that it is imperative to fill out the exact information given by the website. This is how you can quickly and accurately settle and receive your bonus later. To complete the above, just log in and enjoy 12Bet’s tennis game.

Step 2: Choose tennis and tennis betting game

When you’re done logging in, just make a choice SPORT and click on the tennis game. Then the system will send you directly to the Tennis betting sheet.

Tennis Tennis & How to play Tennis betting online at 12bet

Online Casino at 12Bet

Step 3: Place a bet

In order to be able to bet correctly when playing tennis online, check and balance your finances first. Then choose a betting table that matches your existing economic capacity. If there is a problem in the fight, please contact the dealer immediately. Currently, 12Bet has a staff of staff who will be on duty to answer all questions of players from registration to bonus payment procedures.

Tennis Tennis & How to play Tennis betting online at 12bet

12bet offers a wide variety of tennis tennis bets

Experience playing extremely good tennis online tennis betting at 12Bet

To have a chance of winning when playing tennis tennis, you first need to master the basics on the side about the subject. From there, we can give an assessment of the abilities of the two teams. Next you need to have a good understanding of the types of bets that the dealer sets for each match. Tennis markets are usually quite simple and easier to play than soccer. Also, don’t forget to pocket the following experiences:

1 / Learn carefully the tennis betting rules of the 12Bet dealer

Unlike soccer or card games,… tennis is not so popular that not everyone knows the rules of the game and its rules. Especially for beginners. So if you do not fully understand and know how to play at 12Bet, you will easily face consecutive failures and bad money. Take some time to learn or join a few games before making a big money bet.

2 / Avoid betting on crowd effect

One betting experience that new players to this game should take note. When you see a bet with a lot of participants, you will immediately think that the chance of winning is high, so you should also join in. But the reality is quite the opposite.

Each player will have a different amount of capital as well as play purposes. Therefore, it is advisable to have a detailed financial plan before entering betting. In addition, be flexible with tactics and rules of the game tennis for yourself and to the end of the match to reach the destination that you set.


Above are the basic information about Tennis tennis that the bettor needs to be sure of. Next, choose a reputable dealer to send your passion. 12bet is a great place to help you get fun moments and get great prizes home. Register an account and follow the instructions in the article to experience together!

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