With today’s busy life, online games are the way many people choose to entertain. Accordingly, online bookmakers also appear more and more to offer attractive betting games. In it, betting Tennis tennis is a very hot form of play at 12bet and within this article we will guide you how to play at a reputable, safe and highly secure bookie. We invite you to follow along!

Tennis What is tennis?

Before embarking on betting Tennis tennisWe need to have a better understanding of this subject. Some knowledge must be mastered such as: game concepts, characteristics, rules, game rules…

Tennis is a fighting game between 2 people or divided into teams, each team has 2 people. The format of playing on the field is similar to badminton. It will be divided into 2 parts and separated by a long net. Each part of the court is divided into 2 equal and symmetrical cells across the line, the ground for teeing is at the end.

To start the game, the teeing side will use the racket to hit the ball to the opposite side of the court. The player should stand in the correct position, ie between the center point and the goal line.

Tennis tennis &How to play online Tennis betting at 12bet

Tennis court

+ Features of the game of tennis

The kick-off ball will be valid when it lands on the diagonally marked square on the other side of the field. If the opponent sees the ball, he will block it and hit the ball back to this side. The two sides will hit the ball back and forth like that until a team can’t help it, then they lose points. Each match will have 3-5 innings (depending on the tournament).

For matches with 3 innings, the team that wins 2 matches first will be counted as the overall winner. Similarly, for a match with 5 innings, if you only need to win the previous 3 rounds, there is no need to play the next 2 matches. Each round will be divided into 6 small games to determine the winner and loser. The team that wins 6 games before, and 2 games more than the opponent, will be counted as winning that round. If the two teams have a draw of 5 – 5, the round will continue until a team wins by 2 games.

In each rematch game, the score will be divided into 0 – 15 – 30 – 40. If the 2 teams end the game with a tie score of 40 – 40, the game will continue until there is a winner. 2 points difference. It can be said that the matches of equal talent are always tense, dramatic and extremely attractive.

Summary of the size of the tennis court

According to the regulations, a standard tennis court in competition will include: fences, lights, ground floor and all kinds of competition accessories. The pitch must be a flat, rectangular surface and the dimensions are as follows:

  • For singles matches, the pitch is 23.77m x 8.23m (length, width).
  • For doubles matches, the yard needs to be 23.77 m x 10.97 m (length, width).

The net separating the two teams’ court will be centered horizontally, parallel to the edge of the touchline. At the same time, the grid in the middle will have a height of 914mm, and on the two sides of the column will be 1.07m.

The International Tennis Federation-ITF stipulates that the Tennis court sizes will have the following sizes:

  • Large size: 40m x 20m (length, width)
  • Standard size: 36.57mx 18.29m (length, width)
  • Small size: 33.53mx 17.07m (length, width)
  • In residential area: 33.53mx 16.46m (length, width)
Tennis tennis &How to play online Tennis betting at 12bet

International standard tennis court

Basic rules of tennis tennis

Every game will have its own rules to ensure objectivity and fun that everyone must follow when participating. For new players, learning the rules of tennis is essential. Once you master the basics, you can find your own way of playing and win.

1/ Regulations on field selection and serving

In Tennis, before the start of the match, a coin will be tossed to decide which team will choose the court and serve the ball. The winning team will have the right to choose the field or give it to the opponent.

2/ Laws of Tennis serve

When serving, the player must stand upright with both feet on the outside of the end line. Then, toss the ball up and hit the opponent’s court. During this process, the server needs to stay in that position, not to move. At the same time, it is not allowed to touch the end line or the goal line. Only when the ball hits the opponent’s tennis racket can the service end. When playing tennis, use only one hand to racket the ball.

Tennis tennis &How to play online Tennis betting at 12bet

Need to master the rules of tennis before playing bets

3/ Rules of tennis – Order of competition

The server will stand to the right, then move to the left of his court. After that, each turn will start at the right position. The ball is valid when it flies over the net and into the opponent’s court at a diagonal from where it was before the opponent’s response.

4/ Rules of tennis – Serve foul

Except for non-compliance with the provisions of the service rules, there are some other special cases. Failure to hit the ball when it has been bounced or touches fixed equipment on the field such as nets, posts, etc. before touching the ground is considered a foul. Or if you accidentally kick the ball out of the field, points will also be deducted.

5/ Rules of tennis – 2nd serve

If the first serve is fouled, the player shall continue to serve the second ball in the same position. In case the referee or someone else discovers a mistake in the old serve, there will be a change. And you will only be given one ball in that new position.

6/ Rules of tennis – Time to serve

When the opponent is ready to block, the ball can be served. If the opponent shows signs of not being ready but still serves, the error is counted on the server.

7/ Rules of tennis – Time to be served again

There are three times when a re-serve will be performed

  • The first serve ball is faulty
  • The opponent to catch the ball is not ready
  • The ball in the course of serving is touched by the net, net scrap or band. Or hit the receiver before hitting the ground.

The World’s Largest Tennis Tournaments

Tennis is becoming more and more popular and loved by a large number of people. To contribute to increasing the effect and attraction, a series of major tennis tournaments are held around the world with different sizes. These include the following major tournaments:

  • Grand Slam – Australian Open
  • Grand Slam – Open Solution
  • Grand Slam – Wimbledon Tournament
  • Grand Slam – US Open
  • ATP – World Tour Finals
  • ATP – World Tour Masters 1000
  • ATP – World Tour 500
  • ATP – World Tour 250
  • ATP – Challenger Tour
  • Davis Cup

How to play online tennis betting 12bet

12Bet is famous for being Reputable bookmaker was born and operated according to the law. The website respects privacy and ensures the confidentiality of customer information. Therefore, everyone is completely assured of all your information registered on 12Bet. The steps above are very simple, just three steps you can completely comfortably play tennis online. That is:

Step 1: Log in, register an account

To be able to participate in tennis betting on 12Bet’s homepage, each person needs to have their own account. Then you just need to log in by entering your name and password and you will be free to play tennis online. In case the newbie does not have an account to use, you just need to click on the registration section.

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Tennis tennis &How to play online Tennis betting at 12bet

Quick registration at 12Bet

Note that it is mandatory to fill in the correct information that the website gives. This is how you can quickly and accurately process your payout and receive your bonus later. After completing the above, just log in and enjoy 12Bet’s tennis game.

Step 2: Choose a tennis betting game

Once logged in, simply select SPORT and click on the tennis game. The system will then transfer you directly to the Tennis betting table.

Tennis tennis &How to play online Tennis betting at 12bet

Online Casino at 12Bet

Step 3: Place a bet

To be able to bet correctly when playing tennis online, you should check and balance your finances first. Then choose a betting table that suits your existing economic ability. If you have any problems during the game, please contact the house immediately. Currently, 12Bet has a staff that will be available to answer all questions of players from registration to payment procedures to receive bonuses.

Tennis tennis &How to play online Tennis betting at 12bet

12bet offers a variety of tennis bets

Experience playing extremely good online tennis betting at 12Bet

To have a chance to win when playing tennis, you first need to master the basic knowledge of this subject. From there, it is possible to make an assessment of the capabilities of the two teams. Next you need to understand the types of bets that the bookie sets for each match. Tennis is usually quite simple and easier to play than football. At the same time, do not forget to pocket the following experiences:

1/ Learn carefully the tennis betting rules of the house 12Bet

Unlike football or card games, tennis is not so popular, so not everyone knows all the rules of the game and its rules. Especially the beginners. Therefore, if you do not understand and firmly grasp how to play at 12Bet, you will be very likely to fail consecutively and your wallet will be empty at any time. Please take some time to learn or participate in a few games before officially betting for money.

2/ Avoid betting according to the crowd effect

One betting experience that newcomers to this game need to be aware of. When you see the betting door has a lot of participants, you will immediately think that the chances of winning are high, so you also join in. But the reality is quite the opposite.

Each gamer will have a different amount of capital as well as a different playing purpose. Therefore, it is advisable to make a detailed financial plan before entering the betting door. In addition, apply flexibly the tactics and rules of the game tennis for yourself and follow to the end of the match to reach the destination that you set.


Here is the basic information about Tennis tennis that gamblers need to know for sure. Next, choose a reputable bookie to send your passion. 12bet is a great address to help you get interesting moments of entertainment and take home great prizes. Sign up for an account and follow the instructions in the article to experience it together!

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