On normal days, when entering Kasumigaseki Golf Club – the Tokyo 2020 golf course, players are not allowed to wear colorful clothes, slippers, or even wear a towel around their neck.

Kasumigaseki consists of 36 holes, of which the East course is the men’s and women’s golf battleground at this Olympics. On weekdays, this place is a “private club” – only serving members and accompanying guests.

And so, the dress code for golfers must also match the Kasumigaseki level established in 1929, through a document of more than 500 words.

“Attire is meant to reflect the club’s heritage and values ​​not only through the colors, designs, and patterns on the clothes, but also in the way you wear them. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules will have to change. Our game can be frustrating, especially for first-timers. Please make sure the whole group follows the rules for a smooth round of golf.”

Female golfers competing in Kasumigaseki within the framework of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games must also comply with the court's dress code.  Photo: USA Today

Female golfers competing in Kasumigaseki within the framework of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games must also comply with the court’s dress code. Photo: USA Today

And accordingly, golfers are required to wear a woolen jacket or blazer when coming to Kasumigaseki, except on June 15 and September 15. The club does not accept winter coats or leather jackets.

They forbid golfers from wearing shorts at the reception, allowing them to be worn on the field, but with the condition that they are short above the knee and have knee-high socks. Shorts with integrated inner lining “disabled” in the yard. The banned list also includes boxer pants, jeans, mini skirts, tights, leggings or any kind of lower body display. The whole outfit must be in light colors, not flashy or “unique”

However, the matter of wearing is still somewhat open. The course allows golfers to raise their collars while playing, but must be turned back to the standard position when returning to the clubhouse.

In case players wear long-sleeved bras to absorb sweat or keep warm, the inner layer must match the outer layer, especially the length.

Entering Kasumigaseki, members and guests are not allowed to wear slippers, straps, loafers and even golf shoes. They forbid wearing shoes with spikes inside and outside the yard.

In the entertainment world, many people come to the club to chat, sip or eat with clothes that have passed 18 holes. But in the summer, they have to bring extra clothes because the yard requires a clean change to enter the restaurant area to avoid moisture and keep the guests clean.

At Kasumigaseki, towels must be used for their function – just dry them and then put them in a dirty bag. Therefore, players should not wear towels around their necks, shoulders or around their waists.

Quoc Huy

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