Lexi Thompson found it both useful and complicated to work with Bryson DeChambeau’s trusted caddy at the US Women’s Open that started today December 10.

While looking for a full-time caddy, Thompson chose Tim Tucker – who helped DeChambeau win the major US Open in September. This was arranged by joint representative Brett Falkoff.

Through three days of coordinating together before entering the US Women’s Open, Thompson showed a lot of information from the guts of the player who is currently the PGA Tour long-range master with the nickname “Crazy Doctor”.

“Tim is used to working with a completely different player. As for me, it’s much simpler to play. I don’t carry the pitch manual, so I usually just ask about the distance to the flag and the landing position.” Thompson mentioned above Golf Digest December 9.

Tucker's detailed and meticulous workmanship surprised Thompson.  Photo: Golf Digest

Tucker’s detailed and meticulous workmanship surprised Thompson. Image: Golf Digest

On the first day of testing this year’s women’s US Open at the Champions Golf Club, Tucker advised Thompson to be scientific because in addition to the green parameter, this expert caddy also included the density of the air. “It was unbelievable. In the first two holes, he told me to hit this distance. I believed in doing it and was satisfied. Besides, he was cheerful, always encouraged me when he failed,” Thompson said. more.

Due to her first exposure to a scientific method like that, the female competitor born in 1995 thought she should have her own style. “I was going to beat my guess, just to prove my identity. But I was really surprised by Tim’s calculation. He read the numbers, and I whispered, ‘you keep that stuff. do my own and just tell me what to do, ” Thompson said while working with Tucker.

Before each shot, DeChambeau often discussed with Tucker many issues, from radius control, predictive analysis, feasibility and even how air density impacts. DeChambeau, at the age of 15, heard the name Tucker.

DeChambeau likes to apply math and physics to golf and because of that, most of the world think he’s cumbersome. However, the competitor born in 1993 has owned seven PGA Tour titles, including the US Open 2020. Lexi Thompson won the 2014 ANA Inspiration in 11 LPGA Tour championships.

Previously, Mark Fulcher was the only caddy to help golfers win both major male and female major of the American Golf Association (USGA). He got this bright spot when he collaborated with Alison Nicholas at the 1997 US Women’s Open and Justin Rose at the 2013 US Open. This week, Tucker has a better chance of succeeding with Thompson – becoming the first caddy, in the same year, Help golfers to the coronation podium in both major of the USGA.

Not only supporting the battle, Tucker also offered to worry about Thompson the protein-powered bottled protein like with DeChambeau.

“Tim asked how to prepare to eat like that. God. I said,” Then you won’t fit into a skirt. Eat once every two to three holes, so let him take care of himself. I’m fine. ” Said Thompson, doing the logistical preparations before the battle.

Thompson has competed for 13 times for the US Women’s Open, of which twice reached the top 10, including T2 last year. During that time, Thompson was weak in dribbling, averaging 32 shots per round. Since 2013, she has only used 30 putt through 18 holes twice. This time, Thompson changed his posture to lock the hole – standing closer to the ball, and replaced his weapon with a TaylorMade Spider putter because he believed it would help limit the clubface rotation when contacting the ball.

The US Women’s Open 2020 recorded Andrea Lee withdrawing due to Covid-19 infection. The golfer tested negative before leaving his home in Dallas. But in Houston, Texas, she was found positive during a screening before entering the match point. As a result, there are 155 players left, of which 41 compete for the first time.

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