Binh Duong Running Club, adidas Runners Saigon, Sunday Running Club will share experience preparing before the race day VM Quy Nhon 2021 during the afternoon session on January 26.

To warm up the VNExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon 2021 race, VnExpress continue to hold the 2nd “We are Ready” seminar at Ho Chi Minh bridgehead. The program reported live at 14pm on February 26, on Fanpage Quy Nhon run.

Participating in the seminar were prominent faces, representing major clubs in the South: Jasmine Nguyen, the 3rd female prize, ages 31-39, distance 42 km, VM Hue 2020; Huynh Thai Loc, President of Binh Duong Running Club (BDRC), first prize for men, over 40 years old, distance 21 km at VM Quy Nhon 2020; VM Hanoi Midnight 2020 and VM Hue 2020; Xuan Diu from the adidas Runners Saigon Club; Le Xuan Hop of the Sunday Running Club (SRC); Dang Anh Quyet, first prize at 42 km distance, over 30 years old in VM Hue 2020. MC Phan An and members of the Organizing Committee Van Anh will lead the program.

The guests participated in the discussion this afternoon.

The guests participated in the discussion this afternoon.

The guests will share about the topics of necessary preparation before the tournament, resting diet and happy and sad memories through the VM Quy Nhon seasons.

The opening “We are Ready” is a questionnaire for all readers who follow the show and the opportunity to receive a valuable gift is a pair of Skecchers Max Cushioning Premier men’s shoes or a pair of Skecchers Max Cushioning Elite 2 women’s shoes. , 49 million VND and 1 Bib running VM (You can choose any competition in 2021).

In the following minutes, representatives of prominent clubs and runners took turns sharing their preparations for this year’s Quy Nhon marathon. Mr. Huynh Thai Loc, President of Binh Duong Running Club, is the person with the most experience when attending the tournament since the first season. He will provide information from personal experience for the athlete to have a safe, efficient race day. With Quy Nhon, avoiding heat shock is the most important concern for each person, then the strategy on the track, climbing the slope, nutrition …

This is useful information for athletes 21 km and 42 km, accounting for more than 60% of the number of registrations, as of this moment. A few small preparations can reduce heatstroke, dehydration, and lack of alertness that lead to DNF (did not finish).

Thousands of athletes run in Quy Nhon each season VnExpress Marathon.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Thousands of athletes run in Quy Nhon each season VnExpress Marathon. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

In terms of diet and rest, the best time to go jogging after dinner is after 2 hours. Absolutely not run when eating full. Exercise when eating will make the abdomen feel heavy and uncomfortable, increasing the risk of stomach pain, tired body. Like most other sports, runners need to stay balanced, not hungry but not full when starting.

The second part of the seminar will bring memorable memories in Quy Nhon through practical experiences from the guests. For many years working as an award organizer, MC Van Anh appreciated that many people set goals higher than their individual achievements, leading to DNF. “I advise the runner to set suitable targets, especially to adjust the speed according to the road and the temperature in Quy Nhon. The slopes up and down the bridge are the most important thing,” Van Anh said.

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Besides an exciting race, VM Quy also brings many interesting experiences. The award-winning road stretching from the city center to the Thi Nai conference leads the athletes through many different scenes. First, they can feel the city sleeping at dawn, the sun shining on Thi Nai Bridge or the hot sun on the sand dunes of Phuong Mai.

In particular, village road DT639 – where athletes received love from many people in Binh Dinh. Not only bring household items such as pots, pots, pans, cheering people, people also invite athletes to eat fruit. Some runners then shared this impressive moment on their facebook personal page. By 2020, the DT639 will be partially renovated, the road is paved thicker, more beautiful, quieter, and safe while striding.

One runner

A runner on the road running 10 km VM Quy Nhon. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

Watch the seminar “We are Ready” at 14h at the VnExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon 2021 Fanpage.

Following the success of 2 consecutive awards in 2019 and 2020, VnEpxress Newspaper coordinated with Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, the companion of Hung Thinh Land to organize the VnExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon 2021 race.

The award brings many new experiences, focusing on supporting and favoring athletes besides the colors that have become typical of Quy Nhon city with blue sky, white sand, yellow sunshine, warmth. of the local people.

This year, the organizers still keep four distances: 5 km, 10 km, semi-marathon (21 km) and full marathon (42 km). The track will start from the wide open Nguyen Tat Thanh monument. Each distance will have different experience routes.

Thanh Duong

From April 25 to May 2, VnExpress Marathon running tournaments offer 15% discount on tickets. Athletes can choose from one of the four tournaments held this year at a price that does not include the following incentives:

Runs VM Hanoi VM Ha Long VM Quy Nhon

VM Nha Trang

Day run November 21 1/8 6/6 September 19
Ticket sales closing date October 28 7/7 6/5 August 26
5 kilometres 430,000 400,000 400,000 250,000
10 km 865,000 800,000 800,000 500,000
21 km 1,025,000 950,000 950,000 600,000
42 km 1,190,000 1,100,000 1,100,000 750,000

* Unit: VND

VnExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon is the earliest event held on 6/6. Next is the VnExpress Marathon Amazing Halong (1/8), VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang (September 19) and finally VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight (November 20).

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