The Southern Golf Club Championship, with more than 600 golfers from 50 group festivals, promises to be the biggest movement golf festival in the country by the end of this year.

The event took place in Ho Chi Minh City from December 8 to December 9 at the 36-hole Tan Son Nhat golf course. The field is set to 6,800 yards with an average green speed of 9.2.

Former football player Le Cong Vinh assumed the position of leader of the Tasmanian golf club team. In July, the record number of caps and goals for Vietnam team finished T13 at the National Amateur Golf Championship – a event with 122 players. At that time, Cong Vinh was in the high-level segment with a handicap of 5.8 and exceled in the ability to use iron sticks.

Cong Vinh (middle) is among the most popular golfers in the current golf movement.

Cong Vinh (middle) is among the most popular golfers in the current golf movement.

On the opening day of the Southern Club Championship 2020, players will play handicap strokes – handicap (HDC) to compete individually for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in groups including A (HDC00-12), B (13-19) and C (20-28). This content assigns performance based on net score (nett) by using a formula that takes the total number of strokes across 18 holes (gross) minus HDC.

Then, comparing the overall nett scores of the team members in each group, the Organizing Committee chose the 12 clubs with the best results in the team content competition on the closing day. In this content, each team actively selects the three best match pairs to represent the competition in the set HDC group following the same Ryder Cup fourball format.

Each win is equal to 1 point, 0.5 point draw. The club with the highest total score will win the team championship. If a tie, teams will play in the extra hole (playoff), up to three innings and only at hole 9C of Tan Son Nhat stadium. In the event that the playoff is still tied, the Organizing Committee will determine the final ranking by sub-index – compared to the performance on the opening day.

Hole 9C will serve as a play-off for golfers.

Hole 9C will serve as a play-off for golfers.

The championship team is covered for golf and stays at Cap Wickham, Australia. The total value of hole-in-one rewards hanging in par3 holes is up to 40 billion VND.

Fourball competition

Each team consists of two members fighting each other through 18 holes, each batting their own. The member’s best score per hole will be the team’s score. The team with the better score wins the hole and gets a 1up advantage. In the case of a tie, the score is all square (AS). The match ends when the side with the advantage (the number of ups) is greater than the number of holes remaining. Results are indicated by the number of ups first, the number of holes remaining behind.

National Huy

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