The Gainbridge LPGA in Florida noted Swedish player Annika Sorenstam, on his return to the LPGA Tour, suffered the first round result due to a mistake by the referee.

Gainbridge LPGA takes place on par72 with a 2 million USD bonus fund from February 25-28. On the opening day, Sorenstam entered the par4 hole, deflecting the fairway. The ball is still in play but is close to the field line (OB) line and below the gate to the resort.

Sorenstam asked the referee to handle it. This position determined that Sorenstam was not allowed to open the gate to hit from his current position and then attributed the situation to “unplayable”. Therefore, Sorenstam had to drop the ball with a free kick in the designated area. Golfer born in 1970 finally closed the fifth hole at triple bogey because he lost a total of nine strokes for the par4 hole, including the penalty when the ball dropped. Sorenstam latches his 75 club round.

Sorenstam hit the green in the first nine rounds of Gainbridge on February 25, 2021.  Photo: AP

Sorenstam hit the green in the first nine rounds of Gainbridge on February 25, 2021. Image: AP

But then, the chief referee Dan Maselli corrected Sorenstam that his colleague had miscarried the law in hole 5. Because according to the latest golf law – 2019, she has the right to open the gate to have more swinging space. .

The LPGA Tour also broadcasted on this. “Regarding Annika Sorenstam’s situation in hole 5, the referee applied the term ‘full’ to the gate, meaning it cannot move. This is a professional error given the definition of ‘Impossible Obstacle. relocation “, certified by the host organization.

And according to current law, if not locked, the gate is moved for the golfer to continue hitting. “The wrong decision has no retroactive effect. The referee met with Annika Sorenstam and apologized on February 26,” said LPGA Tour.

“He apologized and promised not to do it again. I said ‘okay, please don’t torture yourself. Later, I didn’t hit the ball like that,'” Sorenstam said of the counter-response. the referee affects her performance. She confessed that she hasn’t updated the golf rules for more than 10 years.

Yesterday, Sorenstam hit 71 strokes, including three birdies and two bogeys. This old female general latched 36 holes at +2 point – right on the cut line and the top of the board belonged to former world number one Lydia Ko at point -10. The second leg, Sorenstam averaged 234 yards, hit 11 of the 14 fairways and went green according to the standard 10 holes.

Sorenstam won 10 major in 72 LPGA Tour championships, and 17 women’s European Tour trophies. She owns a rare scoreboard – 59 sticks at top golf, is a member of the Temple of Fame of the World. Sorenstam hangs a stick in 2008, after 16 years of professionalism. She assumed the position of President of the International Golf Federation from the beginning of this year.

Quoc Huy (follow Golf Channel)

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