Golfer Tania Tare with nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram just showed off the ball in the latest golf show.

Tare has two hands with two sticks, uses iron stick head mixed thighs, her legs are like soccer and a heel stroke like a ball or a main ball. She finished with the driver stick when the ball didn’t hit the ground.

Performance by golfer Tania Tare

Tare’s performance.

Initially, Tare was a juggler. At the age of 12, she happened to watch Tiger Woods perform golf in a Nike commercial. It was it that aroused the inspiration, causing her to rush into the practice to expect a similar day.

At the age of 14, Tare just started to practice and really focused on golf. In the past, Tare wanted to be the LPGA Tour star or at least a professional golfer who was good at performing golf instead. She once attended the LPGA Tour but the dream is now difficult because of many wrist injuries.

“I have no goal in golfing. But I will choose it while I’m on the LPGA Tour,” says Tare.

Tania has a great influence on social media thanks to her talent for golf.  Photo: taniatare63

Tania has a great influence on social media thanks to her talent for golf. Image: taniatare63

With 300,000 followers, Tare is one of the most influential golf figures on social media. The 23-year-old New Zealand Golfer owns promotional contracts with big brands such as Adidas, Ping. She settled in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tare has worked with sponsors in famous landmarks such as Time Square in New York or Niagara Falls in Canada, bordering the US. Tare admits the epic places embarrassed her.

“They told me to act. And I said to myself ‘What? I find it weird enough to walk around the crowd in the center of Time Square’. The ending is great, “Tare said.

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