JapanDutch runner Sifan Hassan only finished three in the 1500m final on the evening of August 6, so it will not be possible to capture three gold medals in the women’s middle distance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Keyna Faith Kipyegon finished first after 3 minutes 53 seconds, when she beat Laura Muir – British runner to win silver with 3 minutes 54 seconds 50. Dutch number one candidate Hassan finished third with 3 minutes 55 seconds 86 .

Unlike the 5000m final on August 2 – when she chose to hide from the wind most of the time and only accelerated in the last 400 meters to win the gold, Hassan today led most of the time. But she dropped to second from the 1,300 meter mark and finished third.

Kipyegon was ahead of Hassau after crossing the 1200m mark, and maintained his lead until finishing in the 1500m women's final on the Olympic field on the evening of August 6.  Photo: AP

Kipyegon got ahead of Hassau after crossing the 1200 meter mark, and maintained his lead until finishing in the 1500m women’s final on the Olympic field on the evening of August 6. Photo: AP

Today’s results of 3 minutes 55 seconds 86 are both inferior to personal best (PB) 3 minutes 55 seconds 22, and Hassan’s best record since the beginning of the year (SB) 3 minutes 55 seconds 59. Original Dutch foot This Ethiopia, therefore, cannot realize her ambition to win three gold medals in the middle distance at Tokyo 2020, although she still has the final 10,000m – the final content of Tokyo 2020 – tomorrow night 7/8.

However, Hassan was still satisfied with the bronze medal. She said: “I did my best and created a fast-paced race. I couldn’t do anything else. I ran too much at this Olympics, so I’m still happy with today’s results.” .

Meanwhile, Kipyegon succeeded thanks to the strategy of keeping second place, persistently chasing Hassan and then exerting effort in the last 200 meters to finish first. This victory helped the Kenyan runner successfully defend the gold medal she won in Rio 2016, and also broke the Olympic record with 85% seconds faster than the old record that existed for 33 years – 3 minutes 53 seconds 96 held by the Romanian athlete. Paula Ivan founded in Seoul 1988.

“I’m very happy. This was something I didn’t really expect, but I did. The runners were all very fast, and I know everything is decided in the last lap. The opponents are very strong. But I’m happy to have broken the Olympic record,” Kipyegon said after stepping down from the podium to receive the gold medal.

Before that, in men’s 5000m content, Joshua Cheptegei finished first after 12 minutes 58 seconds 15, defeating Mohamed Ahmed – the Canadian runner finished second with 12 minutes 58 seconds 61. The bronze medal belonged to American athlete Paul Chelimo with 12 minutes 59 seconds 5.

With this victory, Cheptegei made history by becoming the first Ugandan athlete to win the men’s 5000m Olympic gold medal. Cheptegei currently holds this content world record with a time of 12 minutes 35 seconds 36 set at Monaco at the end of 2020. This is Cheptegei’s second medal in Tokyo 2020, after the 10,000m silver medal on July 30.

Still in women’s 400m content, Shaunae Miller-Uibo successfully defended the gold medal when he finished first with a time of 48 seconds 36. Second place was athlete Dominica Marileidy Paulino with a time of 49 seconds 20, while the bronze medal went to American runner Allyson Felix.

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