Today, to develop children’s thinking naturally and comprehensively, Bingo is considered a preferred choice of parents when playing with children. This game will help increase flexibility, creativity for the brain in a comprehensive way. So how to join this game? Let’s 12bet Find out through the article below.

What is Bingo?

There is no one concept of exactly answering the question What is Bingo? This is understood to be a very popular and popular game in Western countries. Bingo Law is very simple and straightforward. Everyone can join together. What’s more, it’s easy to create your own Bingo game by yourself.

Bingo games will help children practice a lot of knowledge. There are some subjects such as foreign languages, math or even history, … Parents who use Bingo will help their children receive and learn more knowledge. Through it, children will be strengthened with more skills, stimulating exploration and understanding. From there accumulate lots of useful information for yourself.

How to play Bingo is simple

Depending on the conditions, the number of players playing Bingo will vary. But in any case the law is very simple. Each player receives a large card. It contains squares pre-printed with words, phrases, numbers or pictures. This is called a Bingo board. The contents of these boxes will be the same, only with a change in order.

The admin will read out a request to everyone. For example, finding a word, or solving a math formula, … All will be described clearly in content. Young people need to find the correct box and number it. Also, you can highlight the letter V or color the entire square. When anyone can find five words that form together a straight, horizontal, diagonal line arbitrarily or have four points in the corners, it will be the one to shout from Bingo and win first.

What is Bingo?  Instructions on how to play basic Bingo

Bingo numbers for children up to 4 years old

Some flexible rules can be used in Bingo

Parents today have created a lot more new features in the way of playing Bingo. You can replace words on the board with pictures to make the game more interesting and interesting. Instead of not calling the name directly anymore, the game manager will give suggestions so that players can guess the square containing the word or picture to find.

In addition, many parents will change the number of squares on the Bingo board, depending on the age and level of the child, and adjust the amount of words or pictures accordingly. Gradually, when they get used to playing Bingo, children can completely create their own puzzle cards through their impressions in the life or learning books. Thus, the brain will increasingly develop comprehensively and better.

In addition, with a large number of children, parents can organize into groups of 2-3 playing Bingo games together. At this time, the baby’s teamwork and cooperation skills with everyone will be formed and trained. In addition, more people often find words faster, making the game more interesting and interesting.

What is Bingo?  Instructions on how to play basic Bingo

Attractive Bingo game, loved by many people

Bingo game apps for kids to learn

Playing Bingo is a smart trick for modern parents. Nowadays they use this game to support children in learning and growing up. Many parents use card-making tools like my free Bingo cards. This will help your child learn math equations, formulas, and vocabulary review. In addition, you also expand your child’s knowledge about festivals, customs, machines, …

What is Bingo?  Instructions on how to play basic Bingo

Attractive Bingo game, loved by many people

1 / Creative reading challenges with Bingo

Another application that can not be ignored that this game offers is “Creating Reading Challenges with Bingo”. A method to help children enjoy reading. In addition, it also increases the ability to read comprehension and use language more flexibly and fluently. Through the playing process, parents have helped their children review and accumulate more vocabulary.

There are many variations in the creative application of reading challenges with Bingo. For example, read aloud and ask your child to find the word definition on the Bingo board. Or it is possible to include synonyms, antonyms, and common words in the process of playing with children. The visual vocabulary version will test the child’s audiovisual ability and practice reflexes with situations.

What is Bingo?  Instructions on how to play basic Bingo

My free Bingo cards

2 / Read a storybook with Bingo

Instead of just simple words, you can use the information in your baby’s books to apply in this game. Parents give their children a Bingo board containing the appropriate number of squares. Each box contains phrases that briefly describe the progress of a certain short story.

Then, read out your plot clue for your child to think about and figure it out on the board. Or use a picture of the situation and the baby will find the square containing the same information on the appropriate card. There are tons of ideas you will come up with when you engage in storybook reading with Bingo. This game will help form a reading habit and hobby for children.

One little thing that parents can notice. After your baby successfully completes and completes a challenge, give your baby a little favorite reward. This will create encouragement and spiritual encouragement for children to learn more and more excitedly in learning and accumulating knowledge for themselves.


Bingo entered Vietnam and is becoming more and more popular in households. Games not only help children explore and practice knowledge in learning, but also increase the connection between children and parents. Thanks to the variation in law and manner, Bingo will help you spend time thinking about play-and-play learning methods for children. In addition, children will be very excited throughout play. This is really a useful way for children to learn.

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