If running in the wrong posture, runner can not increase fitness but also damage health.

Jogging is one of the most popular sports today. Because of its popularity, many people think that the way to run is very simple: one leg strides forward, the other leg swings back and swaps repeatedly throughout the distance. However, the sport isn’t so easy and running plays an important role.

According to the experts above Codoon – China specializing in sports and health, one or two sessions in the wrong position may be okay, but in the long run, it is easy to repeat it and cause serious consequences, even the source of the shock that causes the runner to be traumatized. love.

Page Codoon show the correct running method and how to correct bad posture.

Posture in each body part

Head: The runner should look straight ahead, look towards the horizon, taking care not to look up or look down at the ground. This posture is the key to keeping your neck and back straight. Besides, do not protrude the chin forward.

Shoulder: Relax your shoulders while running, balance left and right, and get rid of the habit of swaying. Experts emphasize that the runner does not shrug because this bad move can put stress on the shoulders, increase unnecessary physical energy expenditure and negatively impact the legs.

Dear: Proper head and shoulders keep your body at the right angle while running. Note that the runner body must be straight and the upper body is slightly forward. However, the angle of inclination should be moderate to avoid excessive knee and back strain, affecting stride length and hindering running.

Runner also pays attention not to lean back because this position makes the running step too long, the focus is on heels. When running, you need to stand up, back, and chest up so that the lungs can breathe maximum.


Standard running posture for all runner. Image: Randi Berez.

Arm: When exercising at high intensity, arm movement is important, assisting runner to move forward and minimizing bad rotation habits. Experts recommend that people when running should relax their arms as much as possible, keep the elbows at a 90 degree angle and maintain a straight stride with the legs.

Runner can refer to the following way: put the arm up or down while running. Hit the arm level with the sternum and lower at the waist. Maintain this range of motion, making sure it’s not too high or too low. Also, the elbows should be spontaneous, flung to the sides, and relaxed.

Hand: release your hands and wrists while running. In addition, the runner can pose the hand into a virtual fist or lightly touch the fingers on the palm of the hand.

Butt: If the head, shoulders, and body are moving correctly, the buttocks will be in the correct position. Runner also needs to keep hips straight while running. If the body falls forward or leans back too much, the pelvis will also tilt.

Knees and legs: Do not raise the knee too high in running that requires endurance, and at the same time slow down to achieve better results. Keeping the knees slightly bent can help the runner absorb the impact force while landing. When running, pay attention to control the stride not too long

If the calf is straight, it means the stride is too long. Take care not to lift your knees too high to control your running speed.

Foot: the foot touches the ground as lightly as possible. The running process should relax your legs as much as possible, but if the stride is too big, it is easy to drain your fitness and make the runner lose energy.

Grounding with the soles of the feet or heels?

Each person will have their own type of grounding and there is no answer to the question “which method is best”. If the current grounding type is okay, you have no reason to change.

However, many professional runners often choose to land with the soles of their feet because it can reduce the pressure on the triceps surae and Achilles tendons, making the entire lower limb rotation more smoothly. .

Grounding posture with the soles of the feet.  Photo: Sina.

Grounding posture with the soles of the feet. Image: Sina.

In some cases, you are used to landing on your heels, but as the speed increases, the foot’s contact position with the ground will move forward. A sprint or short to medium distance requires more grounding with your forefoot or big toe.

When running at a slow pace, the center of gravity between the legs will maintain body stability, better control rhythm. Therefore, standing upright is a reasonable running posture. If you want to increase speed, you need to lean forward, now the length and frequency of stride will increase.

The grounding method has a lot to do with running speed. Runner should adjust the center of gravity according to their speed, which is safer.

How to improve running posture

There is no perfect running posture, only the ideal and most effective state for each person. However, the runner can refer to the following ways to run:

Improve heel landing

Many people wonder how to avoid heel landing. To change this posture, the runner should watch a specific video, look slowly and will see that when landing on the heel, it is difficult to lean forward. Conversely, when leaning forward, the heel is very difficult to touch the ground, unless the anterior tibial muscle is very tight.

If you learn to lean forward, the runner needs to adjust the grounding of the soles of the feet. Should practice on sandy or soft soil, take off your shoes and run barefoot, you will find the soles of your feet touching the ground very naturally. In addition, grounding with heels will be very painful, so the body is often “sensitive”, avoid this method.

Pay attention to the running rhythm

Runner needs to learn to observe the rhythm of running. There are a lot of advanced equipment out there that can help you test this. Note, stride frequency is the number of times your foot touches the ground per minute, typically 180 times per minute.

The lower the stride frequency, the longer and harder the foot will touch the ground. Therefore, good runners have a high stride frequency, even in cases where the fitness is 190 or 200 times good.

Relax the upper extremities

Runners need to pay attention to whether the shoulders are stretched, the elbows are bent 90 degrees and the arms are relaxed … If you experience any of the above, try holding an egg and running. Runner must learn to relax, because holding hands too tightly will stress the entire upper body.

Avoid letting your head fall before accelerating, causing neck and shoulders to stretch. Page Codoon emphasis: speed up done by leaning forward, not tilting your head.

Rotate the arm with the appropriate amplitude

Running is not just movement of the lower limbs but the whole body, so the swinging movement cannot be ignored. Runner needs to maintain elbow swing by bending their elbows 90 degrees. Swing your arms forward and backward, avoiding hitting the side. Close your elbows, relax and act naturally. Experts advise runners to practice this movement in front of the mirror, for this manipulation to master and become a habit.

Jiang Yi (According to the Codoon)

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